'Muster Dogs' Series 2 edited by Orly Danon ASE, John Unwin, Daniel Oates, Christopher Beeson, Assistant / Assembly Editor: Nick Whelan.

'Paper Dolls' edited by Jessie Hildebrand, James Manché ASE, and Kylie Robertson. Assistant Editor - Ashleigh DeGroot.

'Waves' by Dean Lewis edited by Muy Lang Linda Ung.

'Run Rabbit Run' edited by Nick Meyers ASE, additional editing by Sean Lahiff ASE.

'Asking For It' - Editor - Rachel Grierson-Johns, with Associate Editors - Marcos Moro and Megan Finlay.

'Heartbreak High' edited by ASE Members Ariel Shaw and Andrew Macneil ASE, and Annabelle Johnson

'Carnifex' edited by ASE Member Sean Lahiff ASE.

'Gold' edited by ASE Member Sean Lahiff.

'Colin From Accounts' edited by ASE Member Danielle Boesenberg, and Stafford Wales.

'The Department' edited by ASE Members Mathew Evans and Sally Fryer ASE.

'We Were Once Kids' edited by ASE Member Shannon Swan.

'Girl at the Window' edited by ASE Member Roberta Horslie ASE.

'Landline' edited by ASE Member Lisa Domrow.

'The Reef: Stalked' edited by ASE Member Scott Walmsley, Assistant Editor Andy Finn.

'Everybody's Oma' edited by ASE Member Gavin Banks.

6 Festivals edited by ASE Member Ahmad Halimi.

'Elvis' edited by ASE Members Matt Villa ASE and Jonathan Redmond.

'Underbelly: Vanishing Act' edited by Peter Crombie. Assistant Editor - Brianna Cook.

'Three Songs for Benazir' edited by ASE Members Melanie Annan and Christoph Wermke.

'Black Ice' edited by ASE Member Andrew Holmes.

'Alick and Albert' edited by ASE Members Sue Schweikert ASE and Scott Walton.

'Little Tornadoes' edited by ASE Member Cindy Clarkson.

'Muster Dogs' edited by ASE Members Orly Danon ASE, Fiona Strain ASE, Brendan Cain and Daniel Oates, & John Unwin.

'Jack Irish' Season 3 edited by ASE Member Dave Redman ASE.

'Life on the Outside' edited by ASE Members Peter Crombie and Orly Danon ASE.

'Spreadsheet' edited by ASE Members Nathan Wild ASE and Kathy Freeman.

'Preppers' edited by ASE Member Gabriel Dowrick.

'Dwarf Planet' edited by ASE Member Danielle Boesenberg.

'Wyrmwood: Apocalypse' edited by ASE Member Brad Hurt, and Kiah Roache-Turner.

'ITHAKA' edited by ASE Member Karen Johnson.

'Under the Volcano' edited by ASE Member Karen Johnson.

'Baltasar' edited by ASE Member Jessie Hildebrand.

'John Farrow: Hollywood's Man in the Shadows' edited by ASE Members Walter McIntosh and Antoinette Ford,
and co-directed by ASE Lifetime Member Frans Vandenburg ASE, with Claude Gonzalez.



This Sunday is the Sydney Social. It's our monthly meet up where you can connect with your fellow Post Production professionals, make new friends, get advice and the latest news from your pears. For July's event we are featuring Editors and Assistants from the world...

New Technical Excellence Award

New Technical Excellence Award

Enter here This year the ASE are introducing a new Technical Excellence Award for people working in technical roles within the editorial department. Andy Finn from the national Committee explains the thinking behind the new Tech Award. Why has the Guild introduced a...

A win or nomination launches careers – enter now!

A win or nomination launches careers – enter now!

Enter here Winning the inaugural ASE Student Editor Award a game-changer  When Alan Chambers thinks about being named the 2023 Most Outstanding Student Editor for his short doco ‘Dare to Dream’, he pauses and says “I felt humbled … it was pretty humbling and...



A 5 part online masterclass adapted from the downloadable PDF "Adobe Premiere Pro Best Practices & Workflow Guide: For Long Form and Episodic Post Production". The series breaks down the core themes into five monthly sessions. A must know series for Senior and...



ASE Ellie Awards 2024 Entries to the ASE Ellie Awards for 2024 and applications for Accreditation are now open. The Ellie Awards are the only awards dedicated to and judged by the best Editors and their Post Practitioners in their fields.  We celebrate Editing across...