Saxon Wright

My career kicked off working for MadKids Productions, which is where I was editing projects such as web series, TV pilots, series and commercials. It's also where I discovered my passion for comedy.

I am also passionate about music and music videos. Working on music videos has given me
the opportunity to work with so many amazing directors on incredible productions. With
more room for abstract and unusual editing styles, it's where I get to be my most creative. In
2020 I was nominated for my first Ellie award for the music video ‘Taxi’ by Rapper ‘Complete’.

Just recently, I locked picture on my first feature film. Working on a genre I'm not the most experienced in (WW1 drama) put me outside of my comfort zone but as it turns out, this is actually where my best work is done.

I love to approach each project with a fresh perspective. Finding out what makes it unique
and through editing, highlighting that element and creating something special, all while
adding my own stamp to it.
Membership type: Full
Outback Opal Hunters (Season 3) Assistant Editor 2019
Outback Truckers (Season 7) Assistant Editor 2019
His Body - Guy Pearce Editor 2019
Second Best - Southern River Band Editor 2019
MIA Editor 2019
Single Ladies Assistant Editor 2019
Judas Collar Assistant Editor 2018
Small Town Hackers Assistant Editor 2017
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