emerging editors award

The ASE Emerging Editor Award aims to recognise new and emerging talent amongst our members. It is designed to acknowledge editors at the beginning of their career.

An editor can enter themselves or be entered by a colleague or peer. The colleague may not be a member, but the nominated editor must be.

Editors entering the Emerging Editor Award may be full or student members. They must not have been previously nominated for an Ellie Award.

Entries may be from any category or genre, should be a single piece of work or section of work 15 minutes or less. If the work is extracted or cutdown from a larger project, please provide a brief explanation detailing this.

Applications should include:

  1. Their latest CV or work history;
  2. An example of their work (15 mins or less);
  3. A brief statement about the submitted work;
  4. A brief statement about their aspirations as an editor and the industry;
  5. A reference from a director or producer they have worked with.
  6. Entry fee of $55 (incl. GST)

The submission should demonstrate their capability as an editor, and so should represent their best work.

Eligibility criteria:

• All entries must have had their first theatrical, festival, or online release between 1st August 2021 and 31st July 2022;

• Editors must not have been previously nominated for an ASE Ellie Award;

•  If no on-screen credit is available, a letter must be provided from the producer naming the sole editor of the work.

• The ASE Emerging Editor Award may only be won once.

• Work entered into the Emerging Editor Award may not be entered into any other category in the Ellies.

Here is the link to the application page.