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The ASE Mentorship Program was created in 2004 as a way to provide Mentorship for Members of the Guild who may be starting a new career in the editorial world, or seeking to change their genre. It aims to pair an aspiring Mentee with a more experienced Editor who can advise and guide them in their work as an Editor or Assistant Editor. Our Mentors work in the fields of Commercials, Television Drama, Feature Films, Documentary, Reality and Factual TV.

Key goals we hope to provide are:

  • A minimum of three meetings or conversations over the course of 12 months
  • Offering advice about working in their given field
  • Giving feedback on work

Every endeavour will be made to find a suitable Mentor for those ASE Members requesting one. Occasionally, though, this can take time if Mentors are working overseas or have exceptional work commitments. Introductions and connections may have to be put on hold until the Mentor is available.

Our Mentors are primarily based in Melbourne and Sydney. For members based in other cities we will try our best to find a local Mentor, however, if needed, the Mentorship may be conducted online (eg, email, Skype, Vimeo).

Please do not expect work experience or a job from your Mentor, it is more about support, encouragement and inspiration.

To apply as a Mentee you must be a full member of the ASE. The applicant should have defined goals of what they are seeking from a Mentor so the best pairing with a suitable Mentor can be provided. The applicant is also required to have some work experience, for example:

  • Screen credits or professional experience as an Editor or Assistant Editor
  • Several short films / music videos / ads / web content as an Editor

Please email your CV once you have lodged your online application.

We also encourage any Members who are interested in Mentoring to please contact the ASE - or It is a great way to participate in the Guild and strengthen the community by passing on knowledge and skills to those who are seeking guidance. We would love to hear from experienced Factual, Doco, Reality and Drama Editors as well as Assistants and Online Editors.


How the Mentorship Program has helped members:

I was very lucky to have the Mentorship Program with David Burrows lead me to my first job as an assistant editor on a feature film. I met David when I was studying film night courses and doing work experience during the day. It was great having someone who has been there and done that to answer questions and offer advice. I expressed difficulty trying to find a job in the industry and he ensured me that I was doing the right things and to persist. About a month or two later I received a call for a job interview on a film David was working on. I was very lucky an grateful to get the job, have David as a mentor and learn from him first hand on a daily basis.

- Andrew Corsi

I’ve always been very determined to do it on my own, but after several years out of high school I found making the transition from amateur into professional very difficult. I discovered the Mentorship Program and the ASE paired me with an experienced editor who gave (and still does) the guidance and at times, the confidence, I needed to take the necessary steps creatively & professionally. One of these steps included getting involved with the committee and as a result I have been surrounded by good people who I call upon and, importantly who can call upon me - something of great personal worth and of course pivotal to any positive career progression I have enjoyed. It has been six years and I have truly enjoyed my mentor relationship grow into a friendship, a lasting one. I highly recommend this program to anyone.

- Tom Meadmore



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