Daniela Raulli

Daniela Raulli is an AACTA award winning editor whose credits span all genres in the Australian film and television industry. After starting her career editing commercials, Daniela moved on to television, cutting some of the country’s highest rating programs including; Talking ’bout Your Generation, Australia’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, Rove and Have You Been Paying Attention. Daniela’s documentary credits include; Can Art Stop a Bullet - William Kelly’s Big Picture, featuring William Kelly and Martin Sheen, which won her the 2020 AACTA award for best editing in a documentary, The Test - A New Era for Australia’s Team for Amazon, A Melbourne Story for the ABC, and The Family and Just Punishment for SBS. She has cut a number of music videos and short films including the award winning shorts, I Can Speak Swedish and Oddlands. Daniela’s dramatic editing credits include The Time of our Lives, Neighbours and Nowhere Boys.
Membership type: Full
Time of Our Lives Editor - Episode 11, Assembly Editor - Episodes 6-10,12,13 2013
Can Art Stop a Bullet - William Kelly's Big Picture Editor 2019
The Test - A New Era for Australia's Team Editor 2020
Nowhere Boys Season 3 Editor 2017
Diary From The Frontline - PBS Newshour Editor 2020
Talking 'bout Your Generation Editor 2010
Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader Editor 2007-2009
Have You Been Paying Attention Editor 2021
Dancing With The Stars Editor 2008
A Melbourne Story Editor 2007
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