Ashleigh deGroot

I’m a freelance Editor and Assembly Editor working across scripted TV and Film. I can efficiently work to tight post schedules and carry out notes effectively. I am a great collaborator, I can work under pressure, and I have a great sense of attention to detail. If you would like to get in touch please email me at
Membership type: Full
Bump Season 4 Editor 2023
Paper Dolls 1st Assistant Editor/ Recap Editor 2023
The Artful Dodger 1st Assistant Editor 2023
Year Of Assembly Editor 2022
Last King of The Cross 1st Assistant Editor 2022
Bump Season 3 1st Assistant Editor 2022
Bump Season 2 1st Assistant Editor 2021
The Longest Weekend Assembly Editor 2021
Itch Season 2 1st Assistant Editor 2020
The Heights Assistant Editor 2020
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