Nick Meyers ASE

I started out in movies by shooting my own films on a cheap super-8 camera. There was no focus control, but a dial for cloudy or sunny meant that I could make movies rain or shine.
In the 80s, between working in the editing department of the ABC and performing in various bedroom bands, I was also part of the film-making group "The Marine Biologists" which explored a crossover between narrative and experimental film.
The 90s saw a move into the night club world, creating the dramatic lighting effects for "The Tender Trap" night-club in King's Cross.
In 1998 he edited "The Boys".
Since then I’ve been happy to work with Robert Connolly on films such as "Balibo" and “Paper Planes“, and with Artist and Film-maker George Gittoes on documentaries "Rampage" and "The Miscreants of Talliwood", among others.

Other collaborations include "Sleeping Beauty" with Julia Leigh, "The Rocket" with Kim Mordaunt. and “Sweet Country” with Warwick Thornton.
Membership type: Accredited
Sweet Country Film Editor 2017
Australia Day Film Editor 2017
Paper Planes Film Editor 2014
These Final Hours FIlm Editor 2013
The Rocket Film Editor 2013
Mrs Carey's Concert Additional Editing 2011
Sleeping Beauty Film Editor 2011
The Miscreants Of Taliwood Film Editor 2009
Balibo Film Editor 2009
The Boys Film Editor 1998
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