Dany Cooper ASE

Dany Cooper ASE has an extensive list of credits and awards for both local and international projects that include five ASE (Australian Screen Editors) Awards, two AFI/AACTA wins and nine time nominee, two FCCA (Film Critics Circle of Australia) Award, an IF Nomination and an Emmy Nomination.

Dany won her first AFI Award in 1994 for feature Angel Baby, (dir. Michael Rymer). She was nominated for an AFI in 1997 for The Well (dir. Samantha Lang), which screened in Official Competition at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2006 she was nominated for Neil Armfield’s Candy, (starring Heath Ledger and Abbie Cornish), also winning her first ASE Award for the film that year. Other credits include Additional Editing on Babe Pig in the City for George Miller and Baz Lurhman’s Australia.

In 2010, Dany edited Beneath Hill 60 (dir. Jeremy Sims) and won both the FCCA Award and ASE Award, along with receiving her fourth AACTA Nomination. The next year, her work on Oranges and Sunshine (dir. Jim Loach, starring Emily Watson and Hugo Weaving), saw her receiving the ASE Award for the second year in a row and both an IF and AACTA Nomination.

Dany edited The Sapphires (dir. Wayne Blair) for Goalpost Pictures, released in 2012 and screening at international festivals including Cannes, Melbourne, Telluride and Toronto. She has received an ASE Award Nomination and won an AACTA Award for her work on the film.

Dany's television work includes a 2004 Emmy Award nomination for the TV miniseries Battlestar Galactica (Universal Pictures).
She also worked on the groundbreaking Indigenous drama series for the ABC from Blackfella Films, Redfern Now - Seasons 1 and 2.

2014-15-16-17 included the mini-series Deadline Gallipoli directed by Michael Rymer for NBCU Matchbox, (AACTA nomination 2015), the feature film Holding The Man, directed by Neil Armfield for which she won an ASE award and received an AACTA nomination and Measure of a Man directed by Jim Loach and starring Donald Sutherland, Judy Greer and Luke Wilson. Breath in 2017 directed by Simon Baker won her an ASE award, a Film Critics Circle Award and an AACTA nomination.

Dany completed Judy and Punch directed by Mirrah Foulkes, in competition at Sundance 2019 and I Am Woman, directed by Unjoo Moon and produced by Rosemary Blight about the life of the singer Helen Reddy screened at Toronto Film Festival 2019. She edited The Drovers Wife, The Legend of Molly Johnson for Leah Purcell in 2020.

She recently completed Carmen directed by Benjamin Millepied and Blaze directed by Del Kathryn Barton which premiered at SFF and Tribeca Film Festival, and The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart for Made Up Stories starring Sigourney Weaver. She is currently editing Went Up The Hill for Causeway, directed by Samuel Van Grinsven.
Membership type: Accredited
JUDY AND PUNCH Film Editor 2018
BREATH Fim Editor 2017
CARGO Film Editor 2017
MEASURE OF A MAN Film Editor 2016
HOLDING THE MAN Film Editor 2015
THE SAPPHIRES Film Editor 2012
REDFERN NOW Film Editor 2012-2013
CANDY Film Editor 2005
BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Film Editor 2003-2004
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