..is part 2 in the series of show and tell for the nominees and winners of the 2016 ASE Editing Awards.

Scott Walmsley, Riccy Felixberto and Andrew Arestides ASE are three Editors at the top of their game - in the fields they work in.

The discussion began with finding out just how they got into editing after doing Arts at University.

Scott began his by doing loads of short films, commercials and web based projects. Riccy from being an assistant on reality shows in Canada and Andrew from being an assistant at Film Australia. They all agreed that they generally find work through people they have worked with, by word of mouth and by the quality of their work.

The discussion then turned to how they approach a cut. Scott says he likes to have a bash, try things and see if they work. He likes to find the best way to bring out the comedy in his editing through rhythm and the look in someone’s eye. Watch his ‘Flame’ ad to see this in action.

He often works from home as does Andrew (in recent years.) Both admit this is good and bad. It’s good you can work the hours that suit you but bad for being distracted by suddenly essential home duties, (such as a load of washing) when you lose focus. Both have also worked in-house for production companies.

Riccy, because of the team nature of reality editing, always works within large post-production organisations. The sheer volume of footage - from up to 22 cameras, means that his work is distilled first. It passes through the hands of multiple Assistants, post-producers and assembly Editors before he gets it. Riccy, casually mentions that he generally works with a nine-ways spilt screen, often at double speed! The story arc is roughly conceived for the whole series, although editing begins before the final outcome is known. It is quite an editing dance to make sure that each character’s dramas are covered, so that the decision of who is booted out at the tribal councils are believable, as well as entertaining. Riccy’s calm demeanour must have something to do with his continuing success in high pressure reality TV.

Collaboration is a continuing theme for all three editors. An essential editing skill.

Andrew also had a big palette to work from too, in cutting 'Monsieur Mayonnaise' with director Trevor Graham. This very original documentary calls for an ability to create a completely new style and visual language unique to this project . The complexity of themes and shooting styles, from straight observational, film noir style re-enactments, paintings and archive footage (sometimes created on Andrews iPhone -with its built in super 8 effect) seemed to completely have unfazed this experienced Editor. The film effortlessly follows the mad cap story of Philippe Mora’s search, for the truth about his German–Jewish father across the world. The film has since screened at the Berlin International Film Festival this year and is a great credit to Andrews editing ability.

The evening spent with these Editors was good fun and a brief window into the multiple lives that Editors can enjoy throughout their careers.

 Riccy Felixberto (with Adam Druce) was winner for Best Editing in Reality for Episode One, ‘Australian Survivor',  

Scott Walmsley was nominated for Best Editing in a Commercial for Lastminute.com.au – ‘Flames,’

and Andrew Arestides ASE was nominated for Best Editing in Documentary for ‘Monsieur Mayonnaise.’


This event was held at AFTRS on Thursday 3rd August 2017. It was moderated by Jane St Vincent Welch. ASE.


Written by Jane St Vincent Welch. ASE.



Three editors from different stages of their careers explore how to get experience, how to maintain your career and how to succeed. A panel of winners and nominees from last year's ASE awards will discuss their experiences from the diverse fields of Documentary, Reality TV, and Commercials.

Thursday 3rd August
AFTRS Theatre
EQ Moore Park 6.45pm to start at 7pm
RSVP office@screeneditors.com.au



Federico Felixberto
Winner - Best editing in reality
Australian Survivor - Episode 1

Andrew Aristides
Nominated - Best editing in Feature Documentary
Monseur Mayonnaise

Scott Walmsley
Nominated Best editing in a Commercial
LastMinute.com.au - Flames