We are racing towards the end of the year but before we close out 2023 we have one more Sundowners in Sydney left to go. This month we are featuring both the nominees to the 2023 Ellie Awards (which is the following weekend, book your tickets now!) and to the Executive Committee of 2023 and 2024!

Andy Finn
Annabelle Johnson
Bernard Garry ASE
Brad Hurt
Elliott Magen
John Binstead
John Rosser
Karryn de Cinque
Kent Hau
Lily Davis
Linda Ung
Matias Bolla
Melanie Annan
Natasha Alves
Paul Black
Ryan Boucher
Sean McDermott
Simon Callow-Wright
Veina Yang
Zoë Davis BFE

We warmly invite everyone in post production, no matter your experience level. The ASE celebrates work from all genres and it's exciting when people from across disciplines can connect and share experiences.
Where: Keg and Brew Rooftop - 26 Foveaux St, Surry Hills NSW
When: 2-5 pm Sunday 26th November
No RSVP is necessary, just turn up on the day and look for the blue balloons!