It’s been a little while since I’ve updated the things going on here in Qld - apologies.  Last November, we ran our last event for the year - an editing panel, Cutting for Television, and rounded out the year with our Queensland Guild Christmas party.

The Cutting for Television panel featured four speakers all currently working in different aspects of television post-production. Teena Mestres, who works within Lifestyle / factual entertainment, talked about what a typical day editing shows like 'Gourmet Farmer' entails. Lisa Domrow who works at the ABC on shows such as 'Landline' and 'Australian Story' shared with us the kinds of stories she gets to work on, the timeframes to cut stories and the expectation that you do everything from the edit to sound design and grade. Charlotte Cutting, who has worked on young adult / kids drama series like 'Dive Club' and 'Rock Island Mysteries', talked about how quickly you have to work, how tight the deadlines are and how valuable a good Assistant is to helping you achieve this.  Last but not least Navaz Illava is an Assistant Editor who has worked within documentaries and has just assisted on the most recent season of 'Strait to the Plate'. It was a great way to share the similarities and differences between the different genres.

The discussion was moderated by Stewart Tyrell who kept the discussion lively and flowing. We had almost a full session of attendees, with lots of questions about career trajectories and how to get a start in the industry.

The Guild Christmas Party was held in December at the Sound Garden in Fortitude Valley, again to a bumper crowd.  Each year the Christmas party continues to grow in number and this year we invited the Australian Production Designers and the Digital Labourers Federation to join the festivities. This year we had over 150 tickets sold and we even had our friend and former Queensland Chair, Axel Grigor,  come all the way from Sweden to join the party (OK, well, maybe he was in Brisbane at the time and it was perfect timing). Here are shots of the night - taken by Stewart Tyrell.

Charlotte Cutting
QLD Chairperson

From eNews #114 - February 2023

Link for QLD Film Guild Christmas tickets

Link for QLD Film Guild Christmas tickets