ASE Lifetime Membership awarded 2001.

Evelyn started her career on July 14th 1964 at Senior Films in St Kilda as an assistant to editor David Bilcock Jr. Evelyn doesn’t know why she was chosen, as she had no skills in the area and feels David Bilcock Senior hired her because she was the school projectionist. From the age of 16 she worked hard in the edit suites learning editing by osmosis while filing trims and running the double head 35mm projector among other tasks. One of the first commercials she edited was for International Harvester trucks and the client was most put out the advertisement was being cut by a ‘girl’. Evelyn has worked at various production houses in Melbourne such as Browning Productions, Studio Corporation Pictures, Riverside Studios, The Film House, Kestrel and Digiline. She is currently the manager of Roar Digital.

Looking back through the kaleidoscope of images from those years, Evelyn remembers very little detail of the car, confectionary, insurance and cigarette commercials cut by the dozen. Memories centre around the people and ‘characters’ who were larger than life in an industry that knew how to work hard but most of all – how to have fun, especially FEGA (Film Editors Guild of Australia) functions.

For those of us who have been in the sphere of Evelyn we know she is a smart, caring woman who takes no nonsense and will fight for the rights and well being of the post production practitioners with a tenacity that takes no prisoners. Lucky are those who have Evelyn on their side.


- Cindy Clarkson