May 2011


Greetings Editing Colleagues,

Did someone mention it is May already?

Well it's been a big month for births, deaths and marriages.  The Royal Wedding showed us how to pull a worldwide audience, bin Laden met his demise and my wife gave birth to our third Peanut (... please excuse this personal note).

We enjoyed two ASE 'Members Only' Screenings with Editor Q&A's.

ASE Member Leanne Cole spoke of cutting 'Wasted On The Young'.

ASE Member Claire Fletcher told us of her experiences on 'Mad Bastards'.

Next week is ASE Committee Member Peter Crombie and his Director to introduce their film 'The Reef'.

Keep an eye on your Inbox for invitation and RSVP details.  We're now opening up these screenings to Members of the other Industry Guilds to broaden the audience and strengthen our ties.  Remember to get in quick as seats do fill fast.

These are a wonderful opportunity to meet those involved and hear their unique experiences.

ASE Committee Member Zen Rosenthal is off to the big smoke (Los Angeles) to seek fame and fortune.  We wish you the very best Zen!

Editor Matt Villa will warm his seat, to which the Committee is most excited.

May I remind you of the current membership drive ... and you benefit.

Introduce a new full member (or re-ignite the interest of a lapsed full member) and not only do they receive a special price, but so do you for promoting your Guild.  $99 full membership for one year!  Offer is valid for a limited time until the end of the financial year.

Contact Margaret Slarke for details nswoffice@screeneditors.com

The ASE would also like to make a callout to members to suggest (their own or other ASE members) upcoming features, documentaries, tv dramas & non-dramas, short films and commercial that they would like to see in a “Screening and Q&A format”. Please send us your suggestions to and we will endeavor to make it happen. newsletter@screeneditors.com

And remember, it really is a matter of "what can you do for your Guild?” Please let us know what you'd like to contribute or make available to share.

Let's find great comfort in supporting each other.



Jason Ballantine ASE

ASE President






The ASE and 2011 St Kilda Film Festival is presenting a panel on the art of short film editing using a variety of the films in this years festival.  It is a free all ages event at the Forum hall, over the road From the Astor theatre, Chapel St, St Kilda. So come along to be informed and entertained on Saturday May 28th  from 3.30pm.  Look out for our stall at the festivals industry day.  Please do come up and say hi we would love to see you and chat about all things editing.


ASE MEMBERS EXCLUSIVE ONLY.  I’m stoked to announce that Digital Pictures and the ASE are doing an event on Sanctum 3D on Tuesday the 7th of June from 6.30pm sharp at 180 Bank Street.  Speaking will be the Digital Pictures titanium trio Peter Webb - Visual Effects Supervisor, Nic Smith - Digital Technical Director and Brett Manson - Digital Colourist. Mark Warner Picture Editor and work commitments allowing Marc Van Buuren - Post Production Supervisor and Ben Joss -1st Assistant Editor, will all talk about their experiences of working with 3D and how it affected the workflow and creative process. A must see event. Spaces are very limited so get in quick.   Please rsvp to rsvpvic@screeneditors.com.


On a sadder note the Victorian committee bids farewell to Tommy Meadmore.  Tommy has being an energetic member of the committee for some time and his warmth and smile will be missed.  He is shortly leaving our fair shores for editing adventures.  We all wish Tommy the most exciting exploits possible as long at it allows him to return to our shores at some point in the future. Have a ball Tommy!


Below are some pictures from the great Quiz Night held recently in St. Kilda.

ASE Members (L-R), Tommy Meadmore, Sasha Dylan Bell and Dani Raulli attending the St. Kilda Quiz Night.


An assembly of editors having a great time at the St Kilda Quiz Night.





“Mad Bastards” Q&A

What a great night, very inspiring to hear ASE Member Claire Fletcher's considerations to piecing this unusually formulated film together.  Such a unique experience ... and a pristine 35mm release print.


ASE Committee Member Gwen Sputore asks ASE Member and Editor of 'Mad Bastards' Claire Fletcher about her experiences on the film...



ASE Members Marty Connor (credited as Associate Producer) with Editor Claire Fletcher and Laurie Hughes (credited as Assistant Editor). (Credited as one of the other assistants but absent on the night was Milena Roinin)



“Wasted On The Young” Q&A

It was a great film and an informative night. The audience got a great behind-the-scenes lowdown of the film, courtesy of talented editor Leanne Cole and DOP Dan Freene. Deb Peart kicked off the Q&A, and the audience didn't hold back from taking the reigns until closing time. This special ASE event was held at the AFTRS theatre. Special thanks to them for the venue.


ASE Committee Member Deb Peart, ASE Member Leanne Cole and DOP Dan Freene.





The curtain's up on this year's festival, so you can now buy anything from a single ticket to a 30-film FlexiPass either online or over the phone. If you've already purchased a FlexiPass, now is the time you can start redeeming them against individual films.

The sff.org.au website has all films and events listed with extensive descriptions, but if you prefer a printed program, the big 64-page SFF supplement is a free insert in the Sydney Morning Herald this Friday 13 May. You'll see every film and event with full descriptions, a handy schedule to plan your personal festival adventure, details on all the fabulous dining delights on offer from our restaurant partners and so much more. There's even a comprehensive indexing with short descriptions of each film, for when you need your film festival fix in a hurry. So make sure you pick up your copy then, or your coffee table will feel naked without it!

Check it out at www.sff.org.au



'Meet the Members'

…with Roland Smith


Roland Smith has been editing for a long time, but who’s counting cause he certainly isn’t. Roland ran his own post house, Whiz Digital, and now freelances specialising in series and long form documentary. Currently he is series editor for the ABC series “Who’s Been Sleeping In My House”.


WA Sub Committee Member Roland Smith and Bear


I knew I wanted to work in post when… I fell for ‘Annie Hall’, still as charming and infectious today as it was on release. That got me to film school where the simple power of putting two pieces of film together won me over.


My first break in the industry came when… as a corporate video editor with SBS. No the other one – Shepherd Baker Studios. They shot and I cut everything that moved during the construction of Australia’s largest resource project (at the time) the North West gas project. It is where I learnt what an LNG train was, and it didn’t stop at a station. It was ¾’’ umatic “punch and crunch” back then. I had to write the ins and outs, remembering to add a frame to the out-point. EDL’s and pal pairing… it was the time standard Betacam was all the rage. How old am I!
The thing I love most about editing is…the surprise. It might be shot one way and now a different story needs to be told.  It’s a bit like driving through your suburb on rubbish pick-up day and amongst all that stuff is gold… you just have to really look and imagine the possibilities. There is immense pleasure when you make something out of nothing. Joy!
The best tip I’ve got for aspiring editors is... find a mentor, someone to learn from and give all you’ve got. If you have chosen well it will be returned 10 fold. And learn about the whole process, a chance to produce or direct or shoot, however small the production will help you grow as an editor.
If I wasn’t in post-production I’d be…

in post-production, audio not vision. And if I had to leave the safety of the edit suite I would be a photographer. When I escape the darkened room I love to wander the streets of a strange city snapping whatever and whoever comes my way.



'Meet the Members'

…with Meredith Watson

ASE Member Meredith Watson with child number three, Cassidy.


Meredith Watson Jeffrey has been working in postproduction since 1991.

She has worked in both drama and documentary and loves being able to move between the two. Editing credits include “The Shark Net”, “The Circuit” (series 1&2), “Three Acts of Murder”, “Stone Bros”, and “Blame”.


I knew I wanted to work in post when…I edited our first production while studying Film and Television and realised that the editor can make a really bad set of rushes into a not so bad film. (I was also the DOP on that film  - hence the really bad rushes)


My first break in the industry came when…I worked as a second assistant editor on a Barron Film’s TV series called “Clowning Around”.  I then worked with the editor – Geoff Hall – over the next few years as a first assistant on Ship to Shore 1,2 & 3.  At the same time he gave me my own episodes to cut within the series, which was a fantastic help up.


The thing I love most about editing is… telling a story well so that the audience is firstly hooked and then emotionally connected to the characters and their journey. I love the diversity and depth of actors’ performances that can make or break a film, and choosing the pieces that will fit together into a cohesive narrative.  It’s also just cool making a really nice cut.


The best tip I’ve got for aspiring editors is... try everything, break the rules and see if it works.  And most importantly go with your gut feeling.  If it feels right then it probably is.


If I wasn’t in post-production I’d be…unemployed, as I really can’t do anything else!



'Meet your Committee'

…with Lawrie Silvestrin, Secretary WA ASE Sub Committee


Laurie Silvestrin, Secretary WA ASE Sub Committee (Well you know editors don’t like to draw too much attention to themselves, so I generally go in disguise.)


My first break in the industry was…first year out of Uni having studied film for three years, specializing in Editing (cos I’d fallen in love with it from the start) I was already calling myself a “Film Editor”.  I scored a job cutting a feature length doco about a quite famous (at the time) beauty queen.  Big bucks (and other big attributes) and lots of glitz and glamour.  I waited about six months for the film to start shooting before I finally realized it wasn’t going to happen…so, with calloused hands from months working in concrete to pay the bills, I got my first real film job at ABC TV as an assistant editor.  It was then I really started to learn about the art of film editing.  Since then every new film has been my next big break.

Still - a pity not to have scored with the beauty queen film.


The highlight of my career so far… I can honestly say that after 34 drama productions and 44 docos every one is a highlight in some way.  But if I have to pick, some of my fondest memories are of working at the ABC’s French’s Forest Drama Studios (see pix below when it was Artransa – who can forget the security guard pulling a hand gun on the funnel web spiders? lol).  But really all of the highlights are to do with great stories or great people both of which are the reasons I still love editing.


I was inspired to join the ASE committee…WA has a small but incredibly busy, committed and talented fraternity of filmmakers both well established and emerging.  I’ve been fortunate to work with many of them for the past twenty years.  Unfortunately, the people I get to work with least of all are other editors.  So ASE WA has grown out of a desire to spend a bit more time with my fellow cutters.  Also, having worked for many years on the east coast, belonging to the ASE now gives me a sense of connection to the broader community of editors across the country.

Cheers to you all.





'Meet our Sponsors'

…with Avid

Charles Tetaz (far right ... from ASE Gold Sponsor AVID) celebrating with colleagues at the Inside Film Awards.


AVID are synonymous with editing products in Australia and indeed the world.

This U.S. based company has grown from strength to strength covering all matters postproduction. Not only is AVID responsible for delivering the magisterial picture cutting tool Media Composer, but reaches a broad spectrum of divisions such as news and journalism, sound scoring, sound editing, sound mixing, sound monitoring, on-air graphics, colour timing, on-set acquisition and media storage (both stand alone and shared), with specialist educational products covering primary to tertiary.


AVID first entered Australia in 1989 with Media Composer v1.0 and soon became the preferred editing system, leading to the death of film handling (and thankfully U-Matic!).  The company now employs 17 locally based professionals, covering areas of marketing and retail, technical, logistics and education.  Charles Tetaz is one of these kind people.


AVID now has an ear to craft professionals, listening to the daily users through validation feedback sites and even local beta testing.

The AVID Community forum is a great place to gain knowledge.

The biggest Industry show is NAB, held annually in Las Vegas.  Here AVID demonstrated it's latest innovation, Media Composer v5.5.  In addition to the things we've come to love, such as AMA, they now have new tools such as Script Sync and PhraseFind (click links to learn more).


AVID are currently running a special for FCP users to be tempted by "the other side".  Details can be sourced here for the comprehensive Media Composer bundle.

Take a look at their website www.avid.com


Charles Tétaz has been working for Avid since 1998, initially within the Digidesign division and more recently as Avid Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand. His interest in technology extends back to his first computer purchased in 1981. Since then the convergence of audio, video and technology continues to engage and fascinate him, at work and leisure. He lives in Melbourne with his wife and 3 daughters, shooting/editing video and writing music in his spare time.

Charles has invited ASE Members to contact him direct should you like to discuss anything relating to AVID ... charles.tetaz@avid.com





Avid PhraseFind
With PhraseFind—a powerful new software option for Media Composer, Symphony, and NewsCutter—you can find the right clips fast, with highly accurate results. PhraseFind’s powerful search engine automatically analyzes clips and indexes all dialog in your project’s media phonetically, so you can quickly find clips by simply typing a word or phrase—right from within your software. Learn more: http://www.avid.com/US/products/phrasefind

Watch and Share:

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/avid-media-composerpodcast/id334601372

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdbL3UpdpSE

Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/22709022

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AvidMediaComposer/posts/125902027484764
Water for Elephants
With invisible, graceful editing and a workflow that makes the most of every hour of post-production—Media Composer raises the art of collaboration to new heights. Learn more: http://www.avid.com/US/products/family/Media-Composer

Watch and Share:
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL5Jh_Ddj2I
Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/22836828
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AvidMediaComposer/posts/192237307488001





The Australian Directors Guild is proud to present:


At an Aussie BBQ, a man slaps someone else’s child and all hell breaks loose.
In 2011 Christos Tsiolkas’ best selling novel The Slap comes to life on screen.

To kick start the ADG VIC events for 2011
Tony Ayres (Showrunner & Director),  Robert Connolly & Matt Saville (Directors)
and Kris Mrksa (Writer) reveal how they are turning one of Australia’s
most successful and controversial books into the
“must see” television series of the season.

WHEN: Tuesday 17th May 2011 at 7.30pm
WHERE: Federation Hall, Victorian College of the Arts
234 St Kilda Road, Southbank, Victoria 3006
Entrance via Grant St (Tram stop 17) See attached map.

COST: ADG Members $5, Non-members $10, Students Gold Coin
RSVP: Please RSVP By 13th May: rsvp@adg.org.au

TELEVISION MASTERCLASS “Directing Under Pressure” with Kate Dennis (VIC)
Deadline for applications extended until 23rd May.
Successful applicants will be notified by the end of that week.

Venue: Open Channel Studio 4
Date: 9.30 am – 5 pm Saturday June 4th 2011.

What makes a director employable in the world of fast turn around TV? How do you establish open communication with your actors so that you are not rocked under pressure? Learn how to think on your feet and best work with actors and your DOP in order to effectively block and cover a scene within the constraints of a television schedule.

Kate is the set-up director on Offspring. Her Australian TV credits include: Rush, Love My Way, The Secret Life of Us, MDA, Twisted Tales and telemovies The Alice and Secretary. In London she developed two features (with IWC and Polygram), co-wrote Superstition (Holland/UK) starring Charlotte Rampling, directed the BBC series Rescue Me (starring Sally Phillips in her first TV drama role), and directed second unit on Buffalo Soldiers (starring Joaquin Phoenix). In 2007 Kate was nominated for an Australian Director’s Guild Award for her work on Love My Way. Kate is currently shooting series two of Offspring, and at the financing stage with her feature Almost French.

ADG members and participants with some (limited) experience will be preferred.
There are a limited number of spaces for this masterclass so as part of your application please submit
· An unproduced scene (2 hander) - to block and shoot in the studio with the feedback from both Kate and DOP John Brawley
· Current CV
· Short paragraph outlining why you wish to be involved and what you hope to get out of the masterclass.
Please send your application - including your CV, short paragraph and unproduced scene - to rsvp@adg.org.au Subject: Kate Dennis Masterclass.


AFTRS Victoria
***Final Cut Pro Advanced
June 2 - 3
(Thursday, Friday, 9.30am - 5pm)

Lift your Final Cut Pro skills to the next level. This course is designed to turn those with competent skills into expert users. Run over two days, the course will cover a range of skills and
processes that will both advance and enhance your editing skills.
***Editing with AVID
June 8 - 10
(Wednesday - Friday, 9.30am - 5pm)

This introductory course covers everything you need to get started with this surprisingly powerful application, Media Composer v5, like organising your material, getting it into the timeline, trimming, adding dissolves, creating titles, working with segments in the timeline, mixing audio, saving your work and managing your project effectively.


For more information:



***Revelation 2011 Travel Fellowship

Applications Open Now


In an Australian first, Revelation is looking to provide three filmmakers, academics, craftspersons or film-lovers from any state or territory of Australia (not including WA) up to a $1000 contribution toward travel and accommodation in order to attend the festival in Perth.  The package also includes a range of other "access" benefits that extend to parties and VIP functions, master classes, special events and other event components.








***"The Tunnel" + Audience Q&A with Filmmakers
18th May 2011
Popcorn Taxi is proud to host the World Premiere of a film that could just change it all – The Tunnel. Following our exclusive big-screen presentation we’ll be joined live on stage with the filmmakers and producers of a project that defies internet piracy by embracing the nature of peer-to-peer sharing as a distribution model. Tonight, we quite literally ‘press the button’ and unleash the film globally! Be a part of this historic moment and meet the filmmakers responsible.






***Ladies on the Tube (ACMI)
19 May 2011


Join a stellar line-up of Live in the Studio lady alumnae - all feisty, saucy and whip-smart - as they put their best chromosomes forward to deliver a full night of `sisters on the tube`.
Dr Saige Walton fights the good fight with Battlestar Galactica and Veronica Mars while Dr Esther Milne maps out Laguna Beach, The Hills and The City.
Mel Campbell investigates how TV treats a female boss, Catherine Deveny looks at `our women` in Aussie commercial television and Clementine Ford gets nostalgic with `80s sitcoms Golden Girls and Roseanne.
Alexandra Heller-Nicholas looks at horror film hostesses such as Vampira, Elvira and Australia’s own ghoul friend Tabitha, and Professor Angela Ndalianis guides us through reality TV.

A major ladies` night, featuring both lectures and performances.






***Spanish Film Festival 2011 (Perth)
26th May 2011 – 29th May 2011
An international roll call of the best in Spanish and Latin American contemporary cinema is set to unspool under the ‘big-top’ at the Spanish Film Festival in 2011, with this spectacular cinematic travelling circus of 36 films making its mark on six Australian cities in May.





***Spanish Film Festival 2011 (Adelaide)
26th May 2011 – 29th May 2011


An international roll call of the best in Spanish and Latin American contemporary cinema is set to unspool under the ‘big-top’ at the Spanish Film Festival in 2011, with this spectacular cinematic travelling circus of 36 films making its mark on six Australian cities in May.






***"Hermano" + Q&A with writer Rohan Jones (Brisbane)
29th May 2011


Melbourne based Rohan Jones, writer and development producer of Hermano will attend the festival for Q&A sessions following screenings of this powerful and highly acclaimed film about two poor brothers in Caracas who see their football talent as a way to a better life. Hermano is also a film that is making a difference, UNICEF has partnered with the production company in Venezuela to screen it in poor urban communicates to help encourage discussions about violence prevention in these areas. Rohan Jones is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts.




Digistor Event





***Introduce a new full member (or re-ignite the interest of a lapsed full member) and not only do they receive a special price, but so do you for promoting your Guild.  $99 full membership for one year!  Offer is valid for a limited time.  Contact Margaret Slarke for details nswoffice@screeneditors.com


***Members receive discounts to the Sydney and Melbourne film festivals, which are both coming up soon so check their websites for details.


***Palace Cinemas in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney are now offering ASE members $13.50 entry to any film, any session (not including festivals or special events) upon presentation of membership cards.


***Did you know ASE members get concession rate at Popcorn Taxi events? We do! So just remember to show your ASE members card.


***Online Membership Payment:
There’s never been an easier way to join or re-new your membership to the ASE! We are excited to announce our new online payment facility. You are now able to pay online with your credit card. If you would like to join the guild follow the link for Online Application Form: http://www.screeneditors.com/ase_membership/membership_application_form.htm.
Or if you are renewing your membership access to all the ASE benefits will be yours at the click of a button: https://www.screeneditors.com/membership/form.php


***Discounted AFI membership, check the link below for details






“Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out”

(Martin Scorsese: director of “Raging Bull”, “Goodfellas” and “The Departed”)



Until next time

The ASE Committee