JUNE 2010

Hello and welcome to the June edition of the ASE monthly E-News. In this months edition there is news about an upcoming series of free talks and forums at the Sydney Film Festival. There is also an update from Emma Hay ASE on her life in England and we also have the "Miracle Fish" event in Sydney and the “Underbelly” event in Melbourne happening this month, so check below for more details.

Once again we always welcome news of upcoming events or your views on any issues that may be of interest to other editors. Please forward any production and publicity stills (copyright cleared), of current productions you are working on or have recently completed, to be featured on ASE website banners, to:

First up is news from the ASE committee…


There is great news from across the Nullarbor where a group of editors, including WA stalwart Lawrie Silvestrin, have started to meet up to discuss the current state of the post-production scene in Perth. Hopefully we can bring you a fuller update on the WA ASE contingent in next months E-News.
Also the AFI has passed on their thanks to the ASE for the many editors that have put their hands up to help out on the judging committee for this years AFI Awards.

The Australian Screen Editors Guild will soon be calling for entries to the 2010 ASE ‘Elephant’ Awards.

Hold your fire though, folks  - we don’t want your entries quite yet.   But because we’ve made some changes to the eligibility criteria, we just wanted to give you advance notice about those changes so you have plenty of time to organise your submissions.

Perhaps the biggest change is that as of this year’s awards, the ASE is waiving the requirement of at least 6 months prior membership for entry.  This means that if you’re not a member, or your membership has lapsed and you’d like to enter the Awards, now is your big chance.   New applications for Full Membership (or Full Membership renewals) may now accompany an ASE Awards entry.

In the past we have also only required the Editor submitting the entry to be a Full Member of the ASE, regardless of whether or not their credited co-editors were ASE members. This will no longer be the case.  From 2010 entries will only be accepted where all credited Editors are either Full Members, or applying for Full Membership of the ASE.  So if your co-editor is not currently a member, this will not rule out your entry as long as they join up at the time.   Please note that as in previous years, only one trophy will be awarded per winning entry. Additional trophies or stamps, however, may be purchased from the ASE.

Which brings us to the next change.  Over the last few years we’ve noticed a distinct rise in the incidence of multiple editors on projects, whether they receive equal billing as the primary Editors, or as “Additional” or “Assembly” Editors.    Previously, these co-editors have been permitted to make a joint entry, which has led to a bit of head scratching not only as to our exact definition of a “co-editor”, but how to estimate the extent of each editor’s contribution to the final product.   The latter is of course, simply not possible.

In the interests of clarity and for the purpose of Awards eligibility, the ASE has now revised its definition.    As of 2010, entries will only be accepted from the principal Editor or Editors, that is, the person or persons whom the Producer has accorded the official, primary credit of “Editor”.   Entries by any persons credited as “Assembly Editor”, “Additional Editor” or similar, will no longer be permitted.   In the event that a programme contains no on-screen credits, written or verbal verification by the Production Company of the role of the entrant shall be required.

The ASE will be making the formal call for entries in late July, 2010. Please remember that all entries must have had their first public screening or broadcast or video/DVD release between 1st July 2009 and 30th June 2010.

So get those DVDs spinning…


Cecil Holmes, Captain Thunderbolt & the search for Australia’s “Lost” Films
On Monday 14th June, as part of the Sydney Film Festival, the National Film and Sound Archive’s senior film curator Graham Shirley, will present a talk on Captain Thunderbolt and the other work of Cecil Holmes, and will launch Australia’s “Lost” Films – Search and Rescue.

The National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA) is launching a search for some of Australia’s ‘lost’ feature films made since 1951: films made in living memory, for which some or all of the crucial components are missing, or which have only survived in incomplete versions or badly deteriorated prints. Find out more about “lost” films at www.nfsa.gov.au.

Captain Thunderbolt is one such film. Directed by Cecil Holmes in 1953, all we have left is the 35mm trailer, and a poor quality low-contrast print of a cut-down television version. There weren’t many feature films made in Australia in the 1950s, fewer still by an all-Australian cast and crew. Captain Thunderbolt was shot by Ross Wood, and edited by Margaret Cardin with a score by Sydney John Kay. It stars Grant Taylor and Charles (Bud) Tingwell. Despite its style – a classic western – it is a defiantly Australian production tracing the true story of the legendary bushranger Captain Thunderbolt. It stars Grant Taylor and a young Charles (Bud) Tingwell.

Both Cecil Holmes and Ross Wood are honored by their respective organizations in the form of the annual ADG’s Cecil Holmes Award, and the ACS Ross Wood Award each for outstanding contributions to their crafts. Graham Shirley will look at Holmes’ other work including The City segment from Three in One (1957) and discuss his importance to Australian cinema history.

Graham Shirley will also explain the Australia’s “Lost” Films: Search and Rescue project, clarifying what is a “lost” film and giving some surprising examples.

After the session there will be a chance to discuss the issues with NFSA staff, and to learn what you can do to help search for those missing features, and to ensure that no more are lost the future.

The session will be held at the Domain Theatre, Art Gallery of NSW, the time 10.30am and admission is free, although it is possible to book tickets online at www.sff.org.au.

Sydney Film Festival FREE Talks Program
Sydney Film Festival has announced the first installment of its free public talks program featuring an innovative and dynamic line-up of filmmakers and actors from around the world.  To check out what’s on offer (including Captain Thunderbolt) click the link below.


EMMA HAY, ASE accredited editor and ex-committee member, has been living in England for the last couple of years looking after her parents in the English countryside. She gives us an update on how life without an edit suite is going…

After a very cold winter that went on forever, spring came late but was SO welcome.  The clocks went back and at last there was light at 4.30 in the afternoon and it wasn’t freezing cold.  The weather plays an important role in the lives of most people in England but I do seem to feel it more keenly than most!  Since January ’08, I have been living in Hertfordshire, looking after my dear parents who are in various stages of dementia and decrepitude. To maintain my sanity, I have taken on the task of restoring their fabulous old garden, over an acre of lawn, borders, very old trees and shrubs. Since they hit their 80s around seven years ago, the garden has become a weed infested haven for wild life; deer, foxes, pheasants, squirrels, badgers, a zillion rabbits who eat everything I plant and who are then eaten in turn…often at night terrible cries persuade me to close my window.

No editing, directors, producers or screenings to sit through with butterflies in my stomach - I miss it all but life here is full on, a constant challenge and very often, absolutely hilarious.

Walter McIntosh, Dany Cooper, Frans Vandenburg and other Sydney friends have ventured out here to be greeted with strong cocktails and a good lunch…. so if you are passing…

Emma Hay ASE


The Lab Sydney’s nine Avid offline edit suites have been a hive of activity over the last few months with Australian television drama and feature film producers taking advantage of the full post production workflow offering at this facility.

Stuart Beattie’s directorial debut feature film, Tomorrow When the War Began is currently in postproduction at The Lab scheduled for release in Australia on 2 September.  Produced by Omnilab Media and Ambience Entertainment, this popular John Marsden novel has Marcus D’Arcy editing, Ceinwen Berry as 1st Assistant Editor, Katie Flaxman as 2nd Assistant Editor and Julia Jackson as the Trainee Editor's Assistant.

In addition The Lab has a number of editors working on some of Australia’s award-winning television productions including:
Rescue Special Ops Series 2
Editors - Nicole LaMacchia and Mark Perry, Assistant Editor Rishi Shukla
Editors - Martin Connor and Nick Holmes with Assistant Editor Rishi Shukla
Editors - Tony Mestres and Eric Seaburn with Assistant Editor Adam Glover

Editor Nicole La Macchia has been based at The Lab for over a year.  She edited the second series of East West 101 which recently won the Gold Medal for Best Mini-series at the New York Festivals International Television and Film Awards.

Nicole says ‘Cutting at The Lab has so many benefits, it’s very convenient when a project is being post produced at The Lab. I can pop up stairs if I have a technical query on VFX or vision and chat to the knowledgeable and experienced in-house producers.   It allows me more time to spend on the edit.’

More recently Nicole completed the edit at The Lab on the Australian box office hit of 2010 Kings of Mykonos: Wog Boy 2.She says ‘Prue Fletcher was fantastic when I was working on Kings of Mykonos.  Her expertise and experience was invaluable and she was so accommodating, if we needed to use the DI theatrette for screenings – she’d make it happen!’

For more information about The Lab’s edit suites emailprue.fletcher@thelabsydney.com.au


The Australian Screen Editors Guild (ASE) would like to invite you to a screening of the Oscar nominated Miracle Fish and a discussion with Director, Writer and Editor Luke Doolan.

Miracle Fish is a gripping, visually powerful and masterfully crafted short film, which sees 8 yr old Joe having a birthday he’ll never forget. After friends tease him, he sneaks off to the sick bay, wishing everyone in the world would go away. He wakes up to find his dream may have become a reality.

The film has received critical acclaim around the world and been seen at festivals including Sundance 09, Sydney International Film Festival 09 (where it won the Dendy Award for Best Live Action Short) and Munich Short Film Festival 09. It has also been named Winner Best Short Fiction Film and Best Screenplay in Short Film at the Australian Film Institute Awards 2009.

Luke has been gaining a reputation as an accomplished editor over the years. This is his first foray into directing and we will be exploring how his history in the cutting room has informed his approach.

WHEN:            Sunday, 6th June 2010
12pm – 1pm
Film duration: 17.53 minutes
Followed by a discussion and Q&A

WHERE:            Chauvel Cinema - Cinema 2 (up stairs)
Paddington Town Hall
Cnr Oxford St & Oatley Rd
Paddington, NSW, 2021
Infoline: 02 9361 5398

ENTRY:             FREE for ASE members
$5 non-members

INQUIRIES:             please email: events@screeneditors.com

Our popular Collaborations series is now heading to Melbourne with Underbelly - from Shoot to Screen. Hear from Editors Steve Evans and Deb Peart as well as Director Shawn Seet. It will be a valuable insight into the post-production process of creating one of Australia's biggest television programmes.

Wednesday 9th June, 7pm
Swinburne University of Technology
Building PA
144 High Street, Prahran (close to Chapel St / car park in front of building)
Lecture Theatre PA309
FREE to ASE Members ($5 everyone else)

See you there!
Victorian ASE Committee

***New Zealand Noir
1 May – 4 July 2010

19 June 2010
The world’s largest short film label arrives in Australia with a red carpet launch in Perth. This is fresh cinema, Future Shorts.


Due to the ASE event in June with “Miracle Fish” the next sundowner will be held in July.  Watch out for the details on Facebook and via email.

And as always if you have any great pubs that you think we should visit we'd love to hear from you. Please send requests to:

All the best and see you next time,
Melanie and Chris


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Given the changing structure of the industry and the fact that the assistant editor has less and less contact with the editor its extremely
important to make sure knowledge is passed on. If you are a well-established editor and have the time and inclination to mentor a
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“You search out, and it's not always obvious at first glance, this vein of gold, that rhythmic pulse. It's what a conductor does when he has to conduct a symphony and tries to find out how he is going to do this. All the notes are written down, but you have to know how you're going to do it. And then once you find it, you can find ways to extend that into areas where there are no actors, even—for example, how long you are going to hold this long shot of the landscape. You can hold it forever, like David Lean, and make a point about that, or you can hold it just long enough to get the idea across that it's a horizontal landscape..."
ANNE V COATES A.C.E. (Lawrence of Arabia, In The Line of Fire, Erin Brockovich)

Until next time

The ASE Committee