Once again, this popular event pitted five young Editors against each other in a battle for best edit in a 2-hour period. Each had the same set of rushes with a choice of four unique and diverse music tracks provided by Audio Network. This year the rushes were from a music video provided by Tribal Apes, thanks to Lawrence Lim and Bruce Dawson.

Steven Love, Lily Davis, Ange Vic, Emily Clulow and Alexandre Guterres were calm, enthusiastic and focused as they explored the material they had to work with. Working on systems of their choice across PC, Mac, Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer, it was fascinating to see the different approaches each Editor embraced.


(Hosts Sally Fryer ASE and Scott Walmsley interviewing Steven Love, Lily Davis, Ange Vic,
Emily Clulow and Alexandre Guterres.)

Our fabulous and energetic hosts Scott Walmsley and Sally Fryer ASE kept the evening bubbling along with interesting questions for the spectators and regular check-ins with the Editors competing. Andrew Brinsmead had a chat to ASE Award winner (and many times nominee) Brad Hurt about his work in the music video space, and then spoke to last year’s Edit Royale competitor Gabriel Robinson about what the contestants might be feeling, and how he managed his time during the competition.


(Andrew Brinsmead chatting with Gabriel Robinson and Brad Hurt.)

Digistor ran a live stream of the event on their website, and support engineer Greg Taylor and ASE Member Tim Hadwen ably managed the impressive set-up to ensure the smooth running of the event and stream. Greg had a chat with Scott about the complex technical display and provided a PDF of the connectivity diagram for the audience to follow as he explained the system.


(Competitors hard at work.)                            (Greg Taylor and Tim Hadwen supervising.

We had some incredible lucky door prizes on offer, and the lucky recipients were Tiyan Baker ('All the Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro Bible' courtesy of Adobe), Nicholas Allan (Boris Continuum, Sapphire and Mocha Plug-in bundle courtesy of BorisFX and Digistor), Jordan Swioklo (Wacom Intuos Pro tablet courtesy of Wacom Australia) and Jason Knight (DaVinci Resolve Studio courtesy of BlackMagic Design). Nobody left without something, as AVID mugs and a Digistor mousemat were there for every attendee



(Our lucky door prize winners with Jon Barrie (Adobe), Mark Richards (Digistor),
Leo Soenario (Wacom Australia) and Fiona Strain ASE.)


After the 2-hour time limit was up, the five final cuts were screened and it was a tight race with many impressive edits on display. Emily Clulow was awarded the golden scissors for her work. Congratulations to Emily and to all of the competitors for fantastic work under these fun but unusual conditions.


Speaking to the contestants after the event, here are some of their comments:

Ange Vic: “Such an amazing and beautiful event! We had wonderful rushes to work with, and the great food and drinks was an added bonus. No feeling of pressure at all - there was so much support from the amazing team running the event, as well as in the audience. And never was there a moment of “I didn’t do well enough” as each of us created such a strong, individual voice behind our edits - a lot talent throughout.

It was an experience that I would love to revisit again, and I cannot express my gratitude enough to the wonderful event runners for creating such a great space that everyone can be involved in.”

Alexandre Guterres: "Participating in the Edit Royale was great fun. It was also an opportunity you rarely get, seeing what other Editors do with the same material."

Steven Love: "It was another amazing Edit Royale this year. Was thrilled to be in the competition this time, even though I missed out on the golden scissors it's great to interact and meet new people from our awesome editing community"

Lily Davis: "What a great night! I've never had my skills put to the test in such a way, especially not in front of the camera, but what a fantastic experience. It was my first ASE event so the highlight was definitely getting to hang out with the other competitors and meeting ASE Members. Hats off to Emily for a very deserved win."

And from the winner, Emily Clulow: "What an amazing night! Meeting Editors in different parts of the industry, delicious food and drinks, plus awesome vision and music to work with. It was so much fun from start to finish. The two hours flew by and it was lovely hearing people's thoughts on the edits after the viewing. I can't wait to come and watch next year!"


(Lily Davis, Ange Vic, Emily Clulow,           (The competitors and hosts with Fiona Strain ASE
Steven Love and Alexandre Guterres.)           and Mark Richards from Digistor.)

If you'd like a recap on all the night's action, you can watch on-line at https://www.digistor.com.au/the-latest/events/ase-edit-royale-2019.html, where you can also view the competitors' final edits.

Huge thanks to Mark Richards, Greg Taylor and the whole team at Digistor for their continued partnership on this event, for their technical vision, and for the endless drinks and pizza!

Thanks also to Heidi Tobin at Videocraft, Jon Barrie at Adobe, Karen Eastmure at Avid, Mel Atherton at BlackMagic Design, Leo Soenario at Wacom Australia, Lawrence Lim at Tribal Apes and Tamsin Dove, Ruth Bailey and Sophie Hattch at Audio Network for your generous support.

The event wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the wonderful ASE Executive Committee and our Members.

It was a great night, and we’re already looking forward to Edit Royale 2020!



(Competitors and audience members.)

Danielle Boesenberg
Executive Committee Member

(eNews 94 - October 2019)

You can now watch a replay of Edit Royale 2019's
live streaming video, and all the competitors' edits
on the Digistor website!

Edit Royale 2019 Replay


It's back... Welcome to Edit Royale 2019!

What makes a hot-shot Editor or great edit?

At Edit Royale 2019, five emerging Editors will compete to show off their editing artistry and speed. Each will edit a one-minute music video in only two hours.

The Editor who produces the best edit of the night will win:
- Custodianship of the coveted "Scissors" trophy!
- Two tickets to the annual Australian Screen Editor Awards (The Ellies) in December!
- An Adobe Creative Cloud 1 year Subscription valued at $871!
- An Avid Media Composer Perpetual License valued at $2,069!
- Plus other gifts from ASE and sponsors!

Each competitor will receive  a copy of DaVinci Resolve Studio valued at $465
compliments of Blackmagic Design!

Edit Royale is a fun, live and interactive event where you get to witness the programmes emerging from the raw media while enjoying the live commentary and beer, wine and pizza

.Attendees will also be in the running to win Lucky Door Prizes from our wonderful sponsors:
- A 1-year subscription to a Boris Continuum, Sapphire and Mocha Plug-in Bundle valued at $1,950 compliments of BorisFX and Digistor!
- A copy of DaVinci Resolve Studio valued at $465 compliments of Blackmagic Design!
- A Wacom Intuos Pro Small valed at $349 compiments of Wacom!

The prizes will be drawn on the night, so you have to be there to win!

To find out more about attending the event  click here.

Places are strictly limited and will sell out fast, so register now.

If you do miss out on a ticket, the wonderful hosts, Digistor, will be live-streaming the event.
Find out more here.