On April 29 Timothy Hadwen showcased a detailed overview of Adobe and Avid editing software to look at how to make each software more familiar and more comfortable to use.

Using Zoom, Tim shared his screen and demonstrated his researched tips and advice for how to make Media Composer more like Premiere Pro and Premiere Pro more like Media Composer. Scott Walmsley moderated the event, and despite a screensharing hiccup at the start, was able to swiftly resolve technical issues and wrangle the Q&As.

The event covered a wide range of topics which included:

•    Adjusting label colours and interface adjustments for each software
•    Track labelling
•    Top and tail editing and extend edit shortcuts
•    Sequence-to-sequence editing for Premiere and Avid
•    Smart Tools in both Premiere and Avid
•    Trim mode and the essential shortcuts for each software

We asked Tim to explain his motivations for using shortcuts and the creation of this event for ASE Members.

“As with many Assistants and Editors these days, I find myself jumping between Adobe and Avid editing software on a regular basis. It has been always very important that I had the best tools for each software accessible to me, so, I’ve spent the last three years attending courses, reading blogs and essentially forcing myself to only not only know how to use the tools but why certain tools are used. Once you have an understanding of how an Avid Editor approaches a scene technically versus a Premiere Editor, you can find the middle-ground and adapt, adjust and modify your technical approach to pick and choose the best tools from each. Most don’t realise that almost every Premiere tool is available on Avid and vice-versa, often inside hidden checkboxes and keyboard strokes.

"Over the past few years I very rarely have witnessed someone explain Premiere settings from an Avid standpoint or Avid settings using Premiere terminology. This session was a mental challenge more than anything as every time I opened each software, I had to instantly remember each shortcut and technique so I could properly explain the tip in the context of the respective software. To me, it’s about breaking down those technology barriers so we can all work with a clearer head and get our ideas generated with less friction. I’m grateful for the kind words shared on the night and I’m very happy that many found the advice useful. I look forward to seeing more Assistants and Editors embrace tools and tips shared.”

Tim had done a huge amount of research and deftly worked left and right brain to bounce between software while describing his actions throughout the presentation. This helped to provide some context to the tools and advice on display.

The event attracted  60 attendees from across the country and overseas. Using the chat window on Zoom, members were also able to interact with each other during the presentation and ask questions for other attendees to answer. At the end of the session, we conducted a brief Q&A, and Lawrie from WA called for us all to switch our cameras on so we could  give each other a quick wave before before signing off with a notepad full of tips. Hopefully we will be able to put these into practice soon.

Some comments from the Zoom chat:

There’s a dude at Adobe who laughs every time we forget about this.
Epiphany! Thanks Tim the Prophet!
NOW the pancake makes sense! Excellent.
Brilliant session
Thanks Tim, Scott and ASE. Editors rock. Love how we all share tips! Looking forward to next time already.

Timothy Hadwen                              Fiona Strain ASE
Executive Committee Member      President, Australian Screen Editors

(eNews 97 - May 2020)




 Using 2020 versions of both AVID and Premiere Pro, ASE Member Timothy Hadwen will run you through some amazing shortcuts, settings and editing techniques. 

Learn to work more efficiently, and take the methods and shortcuts that suit you on one system,
and adapt them to the other.

This will be a live event with Q&A welcome, and transfer of ideas essential!


7:00 pm AEST on ZOOM

RSVP by Tuesday 28 April to office@screeneditors.com.au