Over two years ago in 2016 a dear friend and a wonderful screen editor Suresh Ayyar passed away.

Unfairly and way too early aged 59.

This tribute reel of clips from some of the many documentaries and feature films he worked on are only some indication of the breadth of his experience. Like most screen editors he never made many pronouncements through vocalising his theories and feelings. He was a private man and his work expressed so much of what he was about.
My effort to capture something about his essence and represent my feelings about him could only really be expressed the same way.
By putting a reel together in a particular way from a handful of sources that represent only a fraction of Suresh's output as one of the best screen editors ever. Hopefully this reel will give you some idea of him and also what I feel about him.

I couldn't have done it without the assistance and creativity of a number of people I'd like to acknowledge and thank here.

Editors: Alison Myers, Scott Dyer and Walter McIntosh.

Archivist Debbie Sandler.


Ramesh, Kerry, Matt and Family Ayyar

...and to so many of his friends and filmmakers for supplying photos, memories and access to their collaborations with Suresh.

I'd like to respectfully  dedicate this Tribute to Suresh's daughters Micky and Cato

Thank You

Frans Vandenburg ASE