How long did you have to edit the material down to the six girls in the documentary?

12 weeks

How did you balance the different perils each girl faces so it didn’t feel less relevant than the others.

Each girl’s story was intrinsically different & engaging, the challenge was to allow  the narrative beats and each girl’s character to unfurl in an emotionally satisfying sequence. Interestingly, audience members have different favourite girls who touch, move & inspire them, which is great.

How did you approach the eventual style of the edit? 

As always it’s about getting the best out of the Rushes. The 2 person crew, Director Rebecca Barry & Cinematographer Nicola Davey, had shot beautiful transition shots in each of location which helped ease the audience from one character’s location & story to the next.

What was the most important thread to maintain in the edit?

As always it was important to maintain the momentum so the audience felt buoyed & emotionally engaged, ready for the next development.

What is your favourite experience?

My favourite experience is always screening to a live audience, sitting amongst a big bunch of people in the dark, feeling their responses to the film & then eavesdropping on their comments as the lights come up & they leave the cinema.

(March 2014)