Episode 7 - Adam Rainford and Noel Cleary - Animation

In this episode of Final_Final_Locked, our host Sally Fryer ASE chats with long time collaborators Adam Rainford and Noel Cleary. They dive into the wonderful world of animation.
Adam is a creative producer, writer and editor who has been working in animation for around 20 years. Starting as an assistant editor on The Legend of Tarzan, he then moved up to become lead editor on tv shows like Tashi, and films like the Maya the Bee sequels.
Noel is an animator and director who started out as an animator on Disney productions like Aladdin and the King of Thieves, while slowly working his way up to eventually become the Director of his first animated TV show Tashi. After the success of Tashi, Noel and Adam were brought back together to collaborate on Maya The Bee: Honey Games, and Maya the Bee 3.
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