Email Template (Expiring in 30 Days)

Dear ##membername-month##,

This is a friendly reminder that your annual ASE membership is expiring soon.

Thank you for supporting the Australian Screen Editors Guild over the past year. I hope that you have found your membership worthwhile. We are building a respected industry organisation that promotes and protects the role of editor both within our industry and to the general public.

As your membership expires in a month on ##expdate-month## we sincerely hope that you will renew with the ASE for another year.

Your membership fees contribute directly to the costs of running the ASE office, the website, the newsletter, events and screenings. Although we are also supported by our sponsors, your continued membership and commitment to the ASE is still essential to the continued viability of your Guild.

Please log on to the website with your member details, and go to the "my membership " page to renew online with credit card or Paypal. Or alternatively you can mail a cheque to; Australian Screen Editors, P. O Box 150, Paddington NSW 2021. If you have been a free student member you must prove your student status for the next year or upgrade to full membership.

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Slarke