Creating the Sound of War.

In March, we collaborated with the Australian Screen Sound Guild (ASSG) on an event titled “Creating the Sound of War”.

Academy nominated Sound Editor, Liam Price, took us on an exploration of the sound design from one of Hacksaw Ridge’s pivotal battle scenes. Liam started the session by playing the battle scene in its entirety. He then isolated groups of sounds (foley, ADR, guns etc.) and replayed sections of the scene, while providing information on process and the practitioners behind the work. Of particular interest was Liam’s work on the guns and gore. The session wrapped up with a Q&A followed by drinks at the Ship Inn.

This well attended session welcomed more than 60 guests to the Griffith Film School Cinema in South Bank. There was a great mix of industry practitioners and students.
Two lucky attendees walked away with copies of Hacksaw Ridge courtesy of the ASSG.

Special thanks to the Griffith Film School for opening its doors to us and also, to Alex Waller and Erik Malen for ensuring that this event ran smoothly.

Thank you to Tfer Newsome from the ASSG for initiating and co-organising this event. This will be the first of many collaborations with the ASSG.

Thank you to my fellow board members Judy, Lisa, Simon, and Stew for helping organise and run the event.

Thank you to the Ship Inn for staying up late for us.

And of course, a very special thanks to Liam for taking the time to share his knowledge and experience with us, and for organising such great access to the project files.

(Stewart Tyrrell, Ashley Burgess, Liam Price (seated), Steve Reinthal, Erik Malen)

Dan Rice – Chair, QLD Committee

(Photos courtesy of Stewart Tyrrell.)