The Meet the Nominees event presented by AFI | AACTA and the ASE featured the impressive line-up of editors Jane Moran (Only the Dead), Christian Gazal (Sherpa), Andrea Lang (The Cambodian Space Project) and Martin Connor (Deadline Gallipoli)
Under the guidance of Jane St Vincent-Welch, the talented panel started off by discussing the differences between editing documentaries (where the editor is given hours of footage, often in languages they can't understand, and asked to create a compelling story) and drama (where the editor needs to negotiate between the demands of the script and the actual footage provided.)
They also talked about the editor's diplomatic role in balancing the requirements of the director, the producers, the financiers, the distributors and all the other parties invested in productions, all while trying to maintain the integrity of the story.
Other topics included finding the unique style of each project, the challenges of the fine cut stage and their favourite scenes in the nominated projects.
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