CLASS of 2002 (VIC)
Bar Ampere
Sunday 28th October 2012

On a mild Sunday afternoon, the ambience of Bar Ampere was one of warm chatter as we celebrated four of the ten original accredited editors. Those guns of the deft keystroke are Jill Bilcock ASE ACE, Denise Haratzis ASE, Roberta Horslie ASE and Ken Sallows ASE. While the Prosecco and beer flowed plus delightful mini burgers, cheeses and mini duck pancakes where happily gobbled people milled and caught up with fellow editors they hadn’t seen in some time. In the mix was other senior editors Peter Carrodus ASE, Time Lewis ASE, John Leonard, Mark Atkins ASE, portions of the committee while some of our newer members got to know us better; Jessica Perry and Luca Cappelli amongst them.

It was a delightful way to spend the afternoon and a very large thanks needs to go to Dani Raulli who arranged the spectacular venue. A nook you should seek out if you are in Melbourne. Dani also took it upon herself to design a momento of the celebrations for our four stars. Bravo Dani! A shout out to Jak Vukasinovic for taking photos. And of course to our honoured guests for the afternoon thank you for coming and making our week with your conversation, smiles and laughs. For those of you who missed out on the great atmosphere there will be a celebration of class of 2003 next year.

- Cindy Clarkson

ASE Accreditation: Class of 2002
L-R: Denise Haratzis ASE, Jill Bilcock ASE ACE, Roberta Horslie ASE and Ken Sallows ASE


Denise Haratzis ASE and Jessica Perry