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    12 out of 10. Professional, interesting and cool. Congratulations.

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    I found the Survey about Wages & Conditions an eye opener. An incredible work with lots to learn from. Since I moved to Australia, I got underpaid, partially because I didn’t know anyone or the market at all (still don’t) and because I needed to provide for my family, so any wage above $25p/h sounded reasonable at the time (sorry guys, I guess I didn’t help).
    My love for storytelling is pushing me to make a move from full-time corporate videos to drama/documentary (any tips/suggestions/help?). The wage is not the biggest issue but the working hours is really scary, specially when you have a family (young kid) and use your free time to learn and do different things. I find myself working long hours (at work or private projects) sometimes but it doesn’t last more than two weeks before it starts affecting the quality of the work.
    After 40hrs a week, I need to restart my brain… 50? 60?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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