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    Hi All,

    Just wanting some advice on whether you think it is worth paying for a short course to learn Avid? Looking around it costs about $700. I know FCP fairly well but Avid not so much. I am open to self education if anyone can recommend online courses.

    The aim is to become comfortable enough to work as an assistant editor. My end game is producing independent docos.


    Lachlan French

    John Leonard

    You can, or you could sign up to the Avid user forums. There on the Media Composer – PC forum you will find 200+ very useful tutorials, and links to other training threads. The tutorials were created to assist users migrating from Pinnacle products, so they assume absolutely no Avid knowledge.

    If you are an experienced FCP editor you already know the basics. As an Avid assistant you will almost certainly need to concentrate on sound syncing, Avid’s media management and the uses of AMA. There are other things you will need to get your head around, but those are probably good starters.

    The one thing you must not do is try and force Avid to be Final Cut Pro. It isn’t, and if you attempt to drive it that way it will only slow you down.


    Great! Definitely a good starting point.

    Thanks John.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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