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    I director friend has sent me this problem regarding FCP 7…

    Now next bigger issue currently is as my suite grew to try to handle the extra footage(I never expected to still be the digitiser, compiler etc at this stage) I had to increase internal drives from 2tb to 3 tb to now 4th and extend into another computer. The problem is the FCP media path for the internal discs in my Mac Pro tower has changed.

    So I expected FCP to say reconnect media cause we can’t find the files.
    I also expected that once I’d reconnected the media and saved that would be the end of my problem BUT even if I save it is still asking me to ‘reconnect’ the same media next time I boot up. Pain in the ass…

    If anyone has a possible solution…or at least a possible cause…we’d be very grateful


    I dont have a magic bullet to fix this directors problem.
    It’s a quirk of FCP that, once the connection to the media is lost, it may keep asking you to reconnect the clips when you open the project. Fairly annoying if you have a clips over several drives.

    My suggestion would be to open the project, relink the offlines and isolate them (eg mark them red in the browser with the label tool). Right click the clips and use media manager to copy/move them to a new location. This will then forge a new clip location within the project.

    This is only a possible solution. If there are tonnes of clips offline it could be problematical.

    Also the clip name in FCP can be different to the file names on the hard drive. I always keep mine the same. please not there is an option in media manager for “Base media file names on:”

    I’d search around creative cow forums to see if there is a better answer.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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