On September 19 we held an online Sundowners where Editors across the country were invited to meet up and talk all things editing. We discussed the challenges of working remotely, with one member detailing how they were on co-editing a project with the other Editor being in Los Angeles! With an edit schedule that essentially went around the clock, it was a truly fascinating hearing this unconventional workflow.

The other big topic we covered was bullying in the workplace and sharing some of our experiences with that. These types of conversations highlight why it's so important that we get together and shed a light on our experiences so we as a community can support and offer guidance to each other.

We also held a quiz, but because someone (OK, it was me) didn't gather the final scores we will never know who won.

Scott Walmsley
Executive Committee Member

(eNews 106 - October 2021)

This Sunday, 19 September, at 3pm AEST the ASE is holding an online Sundowners for Editors and Assistants across the country to meet-up and discuss how we’ve all been handling lockdown in all its variations. As an icebreaker we’ll briefly discuss the classic Aussie film 'Cosi', edited by Nicholas Beauman ASE. (If you haven’t seen it you can stream it on Netflix and Amazon Prime.) There will also be a quick trivia towards the end so brush up on your editing knowledge.

RSVP to office@screeneditors.com.au to get your link to the Zoom Event.