The Australian Screen Editors and the Australian Screen Sound Guilds present:

A discussion on Post-Production Sound and how to avoid the pitfalls. This session will explore how best to assist your Post Sound team - what Editors / Assistant Editors need to:
• STOP doing
• GO keep doing
• START doing

Follow Sam the Sound File from creation through to post production and on to delivery. See how Sam is handled, edited, sometimes mistreated, and how Sam the Sound File ultimately gets to audiences.

Taking us through the pipeline will be Jennifer Leonforte from Unison Sound joined by Assistant Editor, Josh Atterton- Evans, with Tfer Newsome moderating the session.

Secretary of the ASSG, Jennifer Leonforte, is a junior Sound Editor and Assistant Supervisor who has quickly advanced in her work at local post-production sound facilities, recently working on 'The Strange Chores', 'Five Bedrooms', 'Harrow' and 'The Commons'. She has contributed to many projects nominated for ASSG Awards, as well as the AACTA Best Sound in Television Award 2020.

Josh Atterton-Evans is an Assistant Editor who has assisted on TV series such as 'Harrow', 'Tidelands' and more recently 'Dive Club'. He has also been the Assistant Editor on a number of feature films including 'This Little Love of Mine' and 'The Dog Days of Christmas'.

Tfer Newsome teaches sound for film and television at QUT, and works freelance as a Sound Editor in her spare moments. Last year she mixed the television series 'Retrograde', and sound edited for 'Leaving Allen Street', the feature documentary.

Join Us: Sunday 16 May at 2pm

In person: Unison Sound: Level 1 / 76 Commercial Road, Teneriffe
To register:

Or Via Zoom: RSVP by COB THURSDAY 13 May

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