Daniel Saw

As Editor I have worked with multiple Producers; including Anthony Buckley on his documentary feature titled At The Coliseum Deluxe, narrated by Bruce Beresford.

Previous career highs include being sole Visuals Editor for the Sydney Symphony Star Trek concerts in 2009. Where I created 11 shorts using Paramount assets, which were accompanied by (in synchronisation via click track) 11 suites of Live Orchestral Performance from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House.

I have also edited trailers and previews for DVD releases, musical performance shorts for recordings by orchestras and chamber ensemble groups, an exhibition loop, and private videos for prominent individuals.

In 1997 I began editing film and creating digital animation for multi-media productions; including early online video clips and frame-based animations. My experience includes other post-production and technical support.
Membership type: Full
Heroes II The Return (miniSeries) DVD & Re-master Editor 2020
at The Coliseum Deluxe (documentary feature) Editor 2019
All Visitors Ashore Editor 2018
In Paradisum (SYO) Editor 2017
Les Darcy (Exhibition Loop) Editor 2017
The Heroes (miniSeries) DVD & Re-master Editor 2017
Ithaca (George Palmer) Editor 2016
Starboard Side Home Editor 2016
The Gulflander / Savannahlander Trailer & Preview Editor 2015
Sydney Symphony Star Trek Concert Visuals Editor 2009
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