Nickolas Bird

I am an award-winning film maker. When making a film, I have a variety of roles but class myself as an editor first. But we always work collaboratively with other editors getting our films to screen, often we have three editors, including myself.
I have made a variety of documentaries including Vivian Bulwinkel: an Australian Heroine (2007- ABC1) Ballroom Rules (2007, ABC1 commission) Curtain Call (2014- world premiered at Melbourne International Film Festival, screened SBS) Remembering The Man (2015 screened on ABC2 and distributed in the UK and Ireland) MAMIL (2018 - world premiere Adelaide Film Festival) and Phil Liggett: The Voice of Cycling (2021, world premiere Adelaide Film Festival)
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Phil Liggett:The Voice of Cycling Editor, Director, Producer 2020
MAMIL - Middle Aged Men In Lycra Editor, Director, Producer 2017
Remembering The Man Editor, Director, Producer 2015
Curtain Call Producer,Editor 2014
Ballroom Rules Editor, Director, Producer 2012
Vivian Bullwinkel an Australian Heroine Editor, Director, Producer 2007
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