Stewart Tyrrell

Stewart started in the film and television industry in Melbourne in the early 90's, working as an apprentice within the wedding video industry, a radio station technician and voice artist, and a freelance art department runner/set dresser. In the late 90's he gravitated into small corporate videos and low budget commercial work, serving in both cinematographer and editing roles.

In 1998, Stewart moved to Brisbane to undertake film studies to hone his dramatic filmmaking skills, eventually graduating with a Masters in Screen Production from the Griffith Film School in 2005. During this time, he cut his first feature film 'Bad Acting' (dir: Jackie Ryan, 2000) and has cut a small number of independent short films and documentaries. Since then, he has worked on a number of funded and independent productions in a variety of roles and now specialises in freelance corporate work.

Since 2009, he has taught at the Griffith Film School in Brisbane, specialising in post production related courses including editing aesthetics and visual effects.
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