Luke Dickinson

Luke is an experienced film editor who has worked on content spanning from advertising and web series through to television and film. His narrative work has screened across the globe at festivals like Tribecca, Berlinale, Las Vegas and Byron Bay, as well as locally at Made In Melbourne, St Kilda, and ReelGood.

He has a passion for the craft of editing, and for building a cohesive and emotionally compelling narrative from the puzzle pieces of shots and scenes. He loves that editing requires both an analytical and creative approach to problem solving and storytelling, which is both its challenge and satisfaction.

Luke's hobbies include music production and drumming, which helped develop his innate sense of rhythm which is so crucial in the cutting room. Because of this, he particularly enjoys cutting to music, as well as editing comedy, where jokes live and die by the beat of the edits.

He is very committed to the projects he undertakes, often going above and beyond to help ensure their success. He is passionate about developing the unique relationship between director and editor, and loves the collaborative process.
Membership type: Full
Spook On The Loose Editor 2014
Waiting On Sound Editor 2015
Alight Editor 2015
Fix Her Up Editor 2016
Rum and Raisin Editor 2016
Top Decked Editor 2016
Meat and Potatoes Editor 2016
Monkey Business Editor 2017
Knuckles Editor 2017
Love Lex Editor 2017
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