Fiona Macintosh

I am a highly skilled Assistant Editor, I have worked on a number of VFX intensive feature films including two animation films. I am proficient in all the requirements of assistant editing including; ingesting, logging, VFX shot prepping and receiving, project and media management, export and delivery methods. Avid Media Composer is my preferred platform, segmentation faults and all, I have learned very quickly how to troubleshoot the various errors that inevitably occur on large projects. I have also found that every production has a slightly different workflow and I am capable of learning and adapting to your preferred method. I also believe that as post production people we need to stick together and be part of a community outside of our isolated and often dark edit suites, to that end I am involved with the Australian Screen Editors (ASE) where I am currently the Secretary. I am a keen and enthusiastic team member who is able to work through problems and enjoys assisting.
Membership type: Full
Predestination 2nd Assistant Editor 2013
Gods of Egypt 2nd Assistant Editor 2015
Lego Batman Movie Assistant Editor 2016
Lego Ninjago Movie Assistant Editor 2017
No Activity the Night Before Christmas 1st Assistant Editor 2018
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