Jane St Vincent Welch ASE

I have been editing for 25 years( or there abouts). I can now say I can cope with most situations that films, directors and producers throw at me.
And I still just love the puzzle of editing and getting most from the material. I have worked on a lot of high quality observational feature documentaries, where the story is created from within the rushes, with some award winning results, including an AFI in 2004 for Best Documentary Editing. I have also worked on a number of television documentary series such as 'Move It Mobstyle', 'Firies' and 'Coast Australia, Series 2'. Which I really enjoyed because of their great material and the team work involved. I am happy to work on any editing adventure.
I have also been involved in the ASE guild for around 18 years!
Membership type: Accredited
Colour Theory- Underground 2 x 30mins SBS & NITV Indigenous Art series Editor 2016
Tipping Points 6 x 52 min and 42 min versions. Weather Channel USA, VPRO Netherlands, NITV Australia Series Editor 2014
Move It Mobstyle 22 x 24 min. Series 1 and 2 NITV, ABC 2 Editor 2011, 2012
Glorious Aftermath - Feature Documentary ABC Editor Best Documentary AFI Award 2006 2006
Coast Australia. Series 2. -Pilbara and Torres Strait Episodes Editor 2 Episodes - Pilbara and Torres Strait Episodes 2014
Much Ado About Something Editor 2005
Audrey and Me Editor 2022
A Slice of Life- PNG Yumi Piksa Productions Editor 2021
Yarripiri's Journey Editor 2018
Card Stories Editor 2018
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