Marc Van Buuren

Marc Van Buuren’s career as an Editor & Co Producer spans over 30 years starting in London as
an Editor in Television commercials & then progressing on to work on a number of major
Feature films in the UK before moving to Australia in 1981.
He has been nominated & won a number of International & Australian awards for his work on
films such as “Mad Max 2”, “Buddies” & “Grievous Bodily Harm”. In 2007, Marc won an
EMMY AWARD for his work as Visual Effects Producer on Stephen King's “Nightmares &
Dreamscapes” for TNT. He has worked as an Editor or as a Co Producer on over 150 hours of
television & 25 feature films in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand & Canada.
His US TV credits include Series 3&4 of the MGM series “ Flipper-The New Adventures” & 4
UPN/Paramount Movies of the week. He Co Produced a Movie of week for Lions Gate
Television titled “Attack of the Queen” aka “Counterstrike” & Co Produced Seasons 2 & 3 of the
Newline Series for US Syndication titled “Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World”.
In 2004, he was co-producer of the 4 hour Mini Series “Salem’s Lot” (based on the Stephen King
book) starring Donald Sutherland, Rob Lowe, James Cromwell & Rutger Hauer for Warner Bros
TV which screened in the US in June 2004. In 2008, he was co-producer on the NBC series titled
He has since supervised post production on the feature films “The Bank Job” (director, Roger
Donaldson) and “Bran Nue Dae” (Director, Rachel Perkins) & Sanctum 3D which was Produced
by James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic) & Andrew Wight for Universal Pictures. In 2011 Marc
was Associate Producer on the highly acclaimed box office success Red Dog & Post
Produced James Cameron’s 3D theatrical feature documentary about Cameron’s dive to the
deepest part of the ocean at the Marianas Trench.
Marc’s broad based knowledge of film making ranges from script to production budgeting,
production & all aspects post production.
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Moon & the Sun Post Production Supervisor 2015
Kill Me Three Times Post Production Supervisor 2014
Walking with Dinosaurs 3D Post Production Supervisor 2013
Deepsea Challenge 3D Post Production Producer 2013
Sanctum 3D Post Production Supervisor 2011
Red Dog Associate Producer 2011
Crusoe Co Producer 2008
The Bank Job Post Production Supervisor 2008
Stephen King's Nightmares & Dreamscapes Supervising VFX Producer 2006
Salems Lot Co Producer 2003
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