Lile Judickas

I have over 30 years experience as an Editor for broadcast television. I began as a Trainee in Production Operations at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and have since specialised in editing factual & documentary films, with an emphasis on science programming.
Initially cutting with reversal film, then linear tape (and now using AVID & Final Cut Pro software), I began my career by editing short-form stories for the ABC's half hour science magazine shows 'Quantum' & 'Catalyst'. By the late 1990's, I began to specialise in longer form documentaries such as 'Black Holes', 'Island Life: Lizard Island', and 'Crude The Incredible Journey of Oil'.
After leaving the ABC, I'm now working as a Freelance editor; the latest productions I have completed are: 'Exposed: The Ghost Train Fire' (ABC), 'Exposed The Case of Keli Lane' (ABC), Australia The Time Traveller's Guide' (Essential Media & Entertainment), 'Holy Switch' (Roar Film), 'Forbidden' (Beyond for Discovery Channel International) and 'I Love this Place (an independent feature-length documentary film for Production Pool)
I have been a member of the ASE since its inception, helping to promote the craft & skills of editing to the membership and wider film-making community and have served two terms as ASE Treasurer. I have also participated in the AFTRS workshop 'Making Science & Natural History', speaking on the editing of science & natural history films.
Membership type: Full
EXPOSED: The Ghost Train Fire Editor 2021
The Killing Season Editor 2015
Australia The Time Traveller's Guide Editor 2012
I Love This Place Editor 2012
Compass 'Holy Switch' Editor 2012
Catalyst 'Fatherhood' - Pts. 1 'The Male Pregnancy' & Pt. 2 'Secrets of the SuperDads' Editor 2010
4 Corners - 'Facing Dennis Ferguson' Editor 2009
Artscape 'Jandamarra' Pts. 1 & 2 Editor 2008
Jihad Sheilas Editor 2008
Crude The Incredible Journey of Oil Editor 2006
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