Jason Ballantine ASE

AACTA and FCCA Award winner for Baz Luhrmann's 'The Great Gatsby', as well as FCCA Award winner for Kieran Darcy-Smith's 'Wish You Were Here'.
The acclaimed 'Wolf Creek', 'Rogue' and 'Caterpillar Wish' also receiving various nominations.

Jason is currently crafting the Netflix thriller 'The Guilty' with Antoine Fuqua.

Previous credits include Matthew Vaughn's action adventure 'The King's Man', Andrés Muschietti's box office smash hit thrillers 'It: Chapter One' and 'It: Chapter Two', David M. Rosenthal's mysterious apocalyptic drama 'How It Ends', the sci-fi thriller 'Spectral' by Nic Mathieu, Bryan Singer's crime drama CBS pilot 'Battle Creek', the high-octane action adventure 'Fury Road (Mad Max 4)' by George Miller and Baz Luhrmann's American Classic in 3D 'The Great Gatsby'.

As Assistant Editor and/or Visual Effects Editor, Jason worked alongside many noteworthy Directors and Editors on films such as 'Babe' and 'Pig In The City', 'Dark City', 'Moulin Rouge', 'MI2', 'Hearts in Atlantis', 'The Quiet American', 'Happy Feet', 'Australia' and 'Star Wars Episode 2' and 'Episode 3' in a career spanning 25 years.

Membership type: Accredited
The Guilty Film Editor 2021
The King's Man Film Editor 2020
IT: Chapter Two Film Editor 2019
How It Ends Film Editor 2018
IT: Chapter One Film Editor 2017
The Longest Ride Film Editor 2015
Fury Road - Mad Max 4 Additional Editor 2014
The Great Gatsby Co Editor 2013
Wish You Were Here Film Editor 2012
Wolf Creek Film Editor 2005
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