In a nutshell, what is/are The Editors?

The Editors are a collective of talented editors and people with a passion for the art and craft of filmmaking, with a particular interest in the post production of short story media or in other words commercials.

The Editors also work on web content, music clips, shortfilms, documentaries and children’s television.

You have a broad range of clients how does your operation facilitate their varying needs?

We have a large carpark and a spacious kitchen. It is as much about service as it is about filmmaking and problem solving. Today there are many people involved in the making of a single commercial and they all meet at The Editors. The social environment and business network that develops from having writers, art directors, directors, producers, musicians, editors, visual effects artists, assistant editors etc. all chatting and hanging out with each other is very stimulating creatively.

TE have 10 editing rooms, 2 flame suites, a grading suite, a theatre, an open plan production space and a courtyard to go with the carpark and kitchen that provides the room for this activity to thrive.

Technically we keep everything running as efficiently as possible to allow creative minds to explore and achieve.

Tell us about a recent job that was challenging and/or different to the usual.

We find every job challenging and different. Rarely are 2 projects the same. One particular commercial started out following the first edit stage as a 48 minute television style comedic reality piece that was edited down to variously 20 minutes, 12 minutes, 4 minutes and then multiple 45sec, 30sec and 15sec derivatives for television. It was challenging, fun and provided an enormous wealth of material for the client to work with.  Another spot required the editor being flown over from London to stay a week or 2 with us to edit a brilliant 30 sec spot for a particular director. Another involved our editors travelling to Singapore to commence the edit during production and complete back here in Sydney. We have a number of overseas editors from NZ to LA and London who do work for us throughout the year. The same applies to our Sydney editors travelling to Singapore, NZ and Europe to edit. It’s a very eclectic world for us and much of the serious organisation, costing and scheduling is in the hands of some very clever production people. It is so varied. The digital age has changed the landscape and so much of what we know is constantly be challenged and reinvented. We often team up and the iT, wrangling and assistants work to make it all seamless. 

What do you think the biggest issue/s are in the post production industry at the moment?

Pick which one this week? Cost, schedule, scale, multicam, sync sound, visual effects, digital formats. They're all in the mix. It’s always been that way, from b/w to colour, silent to sound, nitrate base to safety film, glue to tape, film to video to digital. The same issues have always existed. Being relevant. Having our voices heard. Standing up for ourselves. Being confident.

(October 2013)