There comes a time in the career of an Editor where we don’t know how to take the next step, whether it’s just starting out, or hitting a rut mid-career.  Sometimes we just need someone to nudge us in a certain direction and to illuminate the way for us.  Or we’ve lost a bit of perspective on our cut and need a fresh eye and some objective feedback on it. The ASE Mentorship scheme is a fantastic initiative that helps facilitate connections between Editors and pairs up Mentors with Mentees to help with career challenges.

Before this year’s AGM, held at Camperdown Commons on the 27th of November, we had a panel of Mentors and Mentees discussing their experiences with the ASE Mentorship Scheme. Simon Callow-Wright ('Employable Me', 'Love on the Spectrum') and Peter Crombie ('Body Hack', 'Janet King') were joined by their mentees, Ryan Cook ('Australian Survivor' Series 4, 'House Rules' Series 7)  and Timothy Hadwen (Assembly Editor - 'Child Genius Australia', Editor - 'Keepers of the Forest' ), to discuss how their mentorship process worked and the benefits they have gained.

(Ryan Cook, Orly Danon, Timothy Hadwen, Simon Callow-Wright, Peter Crombie.
Photo by Danielle Boesenberg.)

Much was discussed on the night, and here are some highlights of the advice and knowledge that was exchanged between our mentors and mentees:

  • Assistance in the writing of CVs.
  • Ways and means of networking
  • Clarification of how the editing space works, and how to navigate it
  • Expectations of producers, and what they are looking for from an Editor
  • How to work your way up the ladder, for example, start with assisting, move to assembly, then cut smaller jobs, and work yourself up to long-form.
  • How to get your lucky break, making relationships (Network! Network! Network!)
  • Editing whatever you can get your hands on, and then growing your skills and meeting people who will take you to your next job
  • Overcoming shyness
  • Get a Mentor!
  • Think about what genre might be a good fit for your personality
  • Reality TV is a great space to grow your skills, assisting and editing, and meeting Editors
    you assist, you get to look at Editor’s timelines, their bins, their workflows, and learn from them.
  • Let a Mentor view your cut and give you advice

(Photo by Danielle Boesenberg.)

The mentorship scheme is open to all Full Financial Members of the ASE. You can read the guidelines and apply here:

If you would like to put your hand up as a mentor, please email

 Orly Danon
Executive Committee Member

(eNews 95 - December 2019)