The day after the Ellies, a distinguished group of AACTA editing nominees - Mark Perry, Andrew Cooke, Karryn de Cinque, Ben Joss, Steven Robinson ASE and Veronika Jenet ASE - gathered at AFTRS to exchange editing war stories with Jane St Vincent Welch ASE. As there was a mix of feature, documentary and television editors, the discussion ranged far and wide. Each editor showed a favourite scene (from their nominated film) which revealed some great insights on the minutiae of editing challenges. This lead to a wider discussion about how each films' unique style is created. But everyone agreed that while technological advances in film have definite advantages for editors, they also throw up considerable challenges, particularly in terms of ever-increasing shooting ratios and ever-shrinking schedules. The nominees also discussed the limited opportunities for assistant editors to see editors at work, especially their collaborations with directors and producers.

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