How to Assist Using Avid and Premiere Pro

The ASE and TAFE NSW ran a crash-course on Assistant Editing in Avid and Premiere Pro. Over four Saturdays, tutors Jas Shennan and Edsel Morrison guided a class of ASE Editors and Assistants through the intricacies of the two software packages. Each week an experienced Assistant came in to share their knowledge of working in the industry - thank you to Maude Rokvic, Nick Kordahi, Luke Richards and Fiona Macintosh. (You can find Fiona's presentation later in the newsletter.)

(Maude Rokvic, Edsel Morrison and class. Photos by Fiona Strain ASE and Jas Shennan.)  

Here is some of the feedback we've received about the course.

"Coming into the course I was already very familiar with both tools but there's always hidden gems you can get from a group that you would never discover by yourself or within a team that has an established way of working. Every class offered something different and unique. A combination of colleagues, specialised assistants and teachers worked together to problem solve for both Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro simultaneously. I finished the course with great satisfaction knowing that I was not only able to help answer questions; but also learn a lot myself!"
Timothy Hadwen

"I wanted to thank you and ASE very much for organising the How to Assist on Avid and Premiere Pro course at Sydney TAFE. As a new member it was my first experience at an ASE event and the networking opportunities, insights and practical information I gained during the course exceeded my expectations.  Overall, an excellent experience. Thanks very much once again and congratulations to ASE for organising this training."
Jenny Kapp

"It was a pleasure to be a part of the course! I've been quite the beneficiary of the ASE membership, including this course and having a mentor."
Annie Zhang

(Jas Shennan, Nick Kordahi and class.)                     (Luke Richards and timeline.)

"I gained a better understanding of Premiere Pro and a refresher on Avid. I also learned a lot about what files formats, Proxy, and settings are used in what circumstances. I also learned about what work is exactly required from an Assistant."
Emilie Revest

"I gained valuable skills relating to ingesting and transcoding footage and gained knowledge regarding codecs and using proxies. I enjoyed the tag team comparisons between Avid and Premiere with Jas and Edsel. The walkthrough with side by side comparison troubleshooting along the way really helped to solidify my understanding of the differences between the two softwares.  Make it 6 weeks!"
Nicole Norelli

"Having been an Assistant in the past, I was keen to learn what had changed over the previous five years. This mostly involved the data wrangling aspect of the job. There was ample opportunity to discuss ideas with the tutors & classmates & the method of presenting the course on both an Avid & a Premiere platform was ingenious. I was pleased with the tutors’ explanations of codecs, compression & the use of 4K footage. Something I never knew was the ability for a multiple timecode display window."
Vincent Jarrett

"To my mind the course was as good as one could ask from busy pros sharing their knowledge of handling the area that is art by using limited and sometimes quite unpredictable software beasts. Even though we had to switch between 'and now let's see how we do it in Avid / Premiere' back and forth, the very essence of doing the same thing two different ways actually explained more about the essence of the process reason for existence, and its abstract pipeline more than if it was just 'one software package only' workshop.  It may sound strange, but I wouldn't change a thing in this regards, as those eager and open minded will get out of conversing with seasoned pros way more than any official course programme would aspire to achieve."
Maxim Drygin

(December 2018)

The ultimate course!

The ASE is running a course in conjunction with Sydney TAFE Film and TV section to help you understand the basics of assisting, running through the same tasks on our two most popular professional editing platforms: Avid and Premiere Pro

You may be a budding Assistant, or an Editor who has to be their own Assistant! This course, running over four Saturdays, will help fill gaps in your knowledge and stop you making career-busting mistakes.

We will cover essentials such as basic set-up, ingest, codecs, transcoding, working with/without proxies, bin set-up, naming of clips, setting up timelines, synching, grouping, linking and re-linking. It will also look at export requirements, dealing with music, sound effects graphics, preparation for grade, sound-post and other deliverables.

Are you working on Feature film? Television drama? Documentary? Reality TV? These different areas and their unique requirements will be discussed from pre to post, including delivery, troubleshooting and cutting room protocol.


COST: Free

TUTORS: Jas Shennan and Edsel Morrison

With guest appearances by expert Assistant Editors

DATES: 20 Oct, 27 Oct, 3 Nov AND 10 Nov. 2018

 Saturdays: 10am-4pm 

At Randwick TAFE

APPLICATIONS: Please send Expressions of Interest to

Applicants will be accepted on a first come basis.