By Karen Pearlman - eNews 90, February 2019

13 categories
63 total nominations
44 nominations of men
19 nominations of women
6 categories won by men
6 categories won by women
1 category won by both (a team)
2 categories had only men nominated (one was Advertising)
6 categories with only one woman nominated
3 of the 6 categories with only one woman nominated were WON by women (against the odds!)
The nominations were heavily dominated by men but the wins achieved perfect parity!

Clearly it is not that women aren’t as good at editing.

So, what is it?
Are there fewer women than men in editing?
Are fewer of them nominating their work?
Editing is one place in film where women have a long, proud, tradition of achievement and recognition.  It is not at parity in the Australian industry, but it is closer than a lot of other disciplines. The question is: does the ASE have anyway it can work to increase gender parity, especially in the lucrative ends of town?

More fun facts:
Fabulous food, great speeches, terrific venue, well deserved recognition of the great work of Australian editors.  Congratulations to all nominees & winners, and heartfelt thanks to the tireless committee for another sparkling awards evening,

(ASE Note: The guild's National Administrator Margaret Slarke ran a few more numbers:
30% of the nominations were women.
Women make up 32% of the guild membership
Approximately 32% of entries into the Ellies were made by women (not taking into account multiple entries.)
28% of the Ellies judges were women.)