The first time I stepped into an editing room I knew I was home and that this would become the rest of my life. In my 53 years in the film industry I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people on a range of projects and in several countries. I was fortunate enough to be involved in the resurgence of the Australian film industry in the 1960s and continued to work through the ups and downs of our fragile industry to present day. I hope to maintain an active involvement till I “fade to black”.

What inspired you to apply for accreditation?
I had thought of applying for accreditation for a long time but like so many things I put it off to attend to work or other duties and I let the opportunity slip past. Big mistake. When the latest ASE newsletter mentioned that accreditation applications were open, I decided to stop procrastinating and apply. It was not as hard as it seemed and although I have a reluctance to promote myself for anything, I managed to get it done.

How do you feel when you reflect on your career?
Looking back on my career I think that I have achieved most of my goals but I always set myself another challenge, I think one needs something to continually strive for. I would like to have another pass on everything I’ve cut just to fine-tune the edit. (A film is never finished, it’s just released).

What do you think are good ways to support fellow Editors and Assistants?
Editors do a pretty good job at supporting each other by sharing information and advice. I think there should be a push for an apprenticeship scheme for those wanting a way into the industry, it would encourage employers to hire people and it would be a great learning platform. It’s the on-the-job training that is the most effective.

What do you feel are some good editing practices you have shared over time?
In the days of celluloid, I devised a system for filing trims that spread to other Editors and Assistants and made recutting less laborious. I also encourage people who I’ve trained to look at the footage with an open mind and not be restricted by original intentions but look at how the material might best come together to fulfil the aim of the film.

Why should Editors apply for accreditation?
I think that accreditation is a way to affirm your place in the film community and it is an honour to be recognised by your peers in the ASE.