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Dear Members,

As people are becoming more affected  by COVID-19 we will endeavour to keep you updated about our events and issues that will affect you.

Unfortunately we are having to cancel events due to both the need to keep people safe, as well as practical difficulties as some of the venues we use become closed to the public.

We are looking at events on a case-by-case basis and where we can we will look to deliver events online, so that you do not miss out on your creative and technical hits!

We understand that many of you will be affected as productions close or delay post-production. Many of you may be able to work at home but some may not have that choice.

For those who are required to work from home, AVID is offering 90 day temporary licenses of their creative tools including Media Composer and ProTools to customers at no charge. Starting today, Monday, March 16 through Friday, April 17. Info here.

Adobe also allows Editors to work from home if their company are part of either a CC (Creative Cloud) for Enterprise or Teams they are able to login from home, so check with your IT on gaining this access.  Also Students are being given access to CC until May 31 if their campus is closed. Info here.

The ASE will work with other guilds and the MEAA to lobby the government to support the entertainment and arts industries due to our workforce's high levels of casual and contract employment, and the fact that many do not have recourse to paid leave entitlements.

When discussing your work situation with your employer, you may find it useful to check out SPAA's recommendations here which include:

 Ensure you access your leave entitlements if required: Weekly employees can lawfully take up to ten days personal leave per year (accruing progressively) and a further two days unpaid compassionate leave on each occasion if they need to not be at work. SPAA recommends that Producers should also consider providing access to annual leave to those with insufficient personal leave and extending discretionary personal leave to those who are not otherwise eligible.  

While stand-down provisions exist in the Fair Work Act and force majeure clauses are contained in many contracts, SPA would not recommend (Producers) relying on these without further legal advice.

We recommend you stay up-to-date with the latest government advice here:

Stay well, take good measures to protect yours and your families’ health.

Fiona Strain ASE,
President, Australian Screen Editors