On April the 29th the ASE held an online tips and tricks session for Avid and Premiere hosted by Timothy Hadwen. These sessions showed amazing shortcuts, settings and editing techniques. They showed editors how to make Avid work more like Premiere and vice versa. Tim worked on the principle that it’s powerful to know tips for either software as you can often blend shortcuts and settings to get the most efficient tools for your needs.

Tim did a great job of explaining the various tools and gave through examples to demonstrate how one might use them. All in all it was a fantastic presentation and very informative. The first session proved to be so popular that Timothy hosted another session a month later on May 27th detailing additional tips and tricks.

Tim was inspired to create the event to help share knowledge and better connect the ASE community during times of isolation. It was great to have an event that allowed editors from across the state to connect and ask questions. Thanks to all those who turned up and if you would like to watch the event it is hosted on the ASE website at the link below.


Timothy would like to thank Scott Walmsley for moderating the 2 events and Adrian Barac for offering his suggestions for the content of the second session. He would also like to thank the ASE members who took time out of their evenings to join the Zoom session and add their thoughts whilst he was presenting.”

Timothy Hadwen                              Scott Walmsley
Executive Committee Member     Executive Committee Member

(eNews 98, July 2020)


Back by popular demand! Timothy Hadwen will demonstrate more amazing shortcuts,
settings and editing techniques on 2020 versions of both AVID and Premiere Pro.
Learn to work more efficiently, and take the methods and shortcuts that suit you on one system,
and find how they work on the other.

This will be a live event with Q&A welcome, transfer of ideas essential!

7.00 pm AEST on ZOOM

RSVP by Tuesday 26th May to office@screeneditors.com.au