ASE VIC Assistant Editor Workshop at Blue Post
Saturday 22th October 2022

On a very rainy and wet Melbourne morning, the Blue Post hosted another ASE event with twelve eager participants on a one-day hands-on training with Avid.

The Assistant Editor Workshop had been a long time coming and was organized by Mark Atkin with the help of the Vic committee. It was the accumulation of interest from a lecture on 14 May 2022 at VCA in Melbourne held by Kathy Freeman that was attended by over 90 applicants.

From this group twenty were accepted for hands-on training at a post facility. Kathy has worked in the Industry for almost 13 years and is currently working in Sydney. She had prepared rushes that were organised separately by the participants sharing the computers at each stage of sorting syncing and of course group clips and sync problems with timecode. It was going to be a big day.

Mark introduced Peter Millington. Peter is a former Editor, post-production supervisor, line producer and producer of such hits as 'The Secret Lives of Us' and 'Winifred'. He had been responsible for the delivery of hundreds of programs to international standards.

Peter along with Editor Peter Carrodus ASE founded Blue Post, a boutique facility that was focused on the requirements of long-form productions. Peter started the talk with a brief background of how he came into the role of post supervisor. As a Editor on his first Avid project, it was all new and daunting and his big move into post supervisor was by chance and just having the confidence to learn on the job. His honesty in telling his story would motivate others to have a go and get themselves into a job where it can be more creative and rewarding. Peter gave an overview of the post-production process, off line and online, colour grading, and where Blue Post fits into the production. Peter has generously made available his Melbourne facilities for a possible  follow-up practical Assistant workshop in 2023.

After a lunch break Kathy returned to opening a project for 'Clickbait', showing MXF vision files as delivered from the Post House. With imported sound she labelled the vision from continuity and checked sound and sync. Kathy discussed tricky clips off speed and no time of day timecode and  how to get around this. Other Assistant Editor tasks were discussed. (one-liners, goof reels, recording temp v/o. getting coffee, lunches, sending out dailies, exports, marking up VFX, temp VFX compiles, SFX passes and assembling .) Practical tips on how to get started in the industry, networking, talking to the post supervisors and Assistant Editors at ASE events.

There had been lots of questions throughout the day and it was great to see that the questionnaires were filled out so that we can work through your needs and what our next event will focus on.

(Left to right Blue Post staff,  Kathy Freeman. Vic Committee, Shaun Smith and Mark Atkin.)

A big thanks to the Vic Sub Committee members who helped organized the event;, Mark Atkin ASE, Lissie Geyer, Shaun Smith, Orit Novak, Phillip Mitchell, Angus Attwood and Ruby O’Sullivan-Belfrage. Remember that these people give up their time to help give you a better understanding of the challenges of your role in an ever-changing industry. Please support your guild and we hope to see you at our next event.  Watch this space.

Photos and article by

Barrie Munro ASE
ASE Vic Committee

PS -  There's a new Instagram account for local Victorian events: @ase_guild_vic

(eNews #117 - August 2023)