ASIG calls on all political parties to support Australian content on new digital platforms. 

Monday, 20th June 2016.

The people who make Australia’s favourite film and TV shows have called on all political parties to support the introduction of quotas on the new digital platforms now broadcasting in Australia. These include Netflix, Presto and Stan.

The industry wants to ensure that Australians continue to see themselves reflected in screen content across all platforms into the future. That means confronting head-on the challenges of changing technology, copyright law and open world markets. In the last week the European Union has proposed the introduction of a 20% quota of European content on all video on demand services such as Netflix. ASIG supports this approach and urges all Australian governments to adopt a similar policy that has succeeded in supporting a vibrant Australian culture across our television screens.

The extension of Australian content minimums to new platforms, such as online streaming services like Netflix will ensure we continue to see Australian stories on our screens and will provide a level playing field for our current broadcasters.

The ASIG consists of: Australian Directors Guild (ADG), Australian Guild of Screen Composers (AGSC), Australia Screen Editors (ASE), Australian Writers Guild (AWG), Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS), Australian Production Designers Guild (APDG), Australian Screen Sound Guild (ASSG), Equity, Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA), Screen Producers Australia (SPA), Women in Film and Television (WIFT) and the Visual Effects Society (VES).

Kingston Anderson, CEO of the Australian Directors Guild said “This move by the European Union makes sense as it provides equity across platforms and ensures local content is made for this new broadcast sector.”

Zoe Angus, Director, Actors Equity said “Australia has some of the most outstanding screen talent in the world, both behind the camera and in front of it. We must ensure that new platforms continue to provide opportunities to tell unique, home-grown stories and showcase this talent to new audiences”.

Matthew Deaner, CEO of SPA commented “These are big, disruptive, successful businesses that have had time to expand in the Australian market without making any significant investment in local production. It’s time they step up to the plate and contribute to new Australian film and television production.”

This is in line with ASIG Screen Policy which has urged all parties contesting the next election to adopt to ensure Australian content on all our screens.

Kingston Anderson

Australian Directors Guild

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