I was pretty thrilled and amazed at what we've achieved across the country so I wish to say a massive thank you to all the committees in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland. Our 40 Committee members managed to cook up approximately 65 events across the country.

We ran creative and technical workshops, discussed editing in all its forms, ensuring you have good opportunities to network and gripe about the job to someone who cares. Sydney made good with our promise to ensure we ramped up social events, re-invigorating Sundowners and holding events in pubs, but I still don’t think we can match WA... or Victoria

We have been active in the industry from the ground up, contributing to curriculum panels and career advisory groups, festival panels and presenting editing awards in all States, including QLD & SA.  We regularly meet the other guilds as part of the Australian Screen Industry Group (ASIG) to ensure that  our industry voice is heard, and up on screen.

All of our Committee members are volunteers, juggling work, families and life, and for every single event put on for our Members there have been many people putting it together and putting it out there, working hard behind the scenes, including getting everything up on Facebook and in the newsletter and website so the world is aware of what we are up to.

Stand-out events have been Edit Royale, Montage Wars, and Music Editing for Reality TV. Monica Davidson has continued to be popular with her Business Skills for Freelancer events. Social get-togethers are very important, so the pub continues to be a popular venue.

This year we have added two sponsors to the stable, Blackmagic and Warner Brothers, who both supported an award category at this year’s Ellies, and we hope for a long and collaborative relationship.

Membership has been stable at around 500 Members, with South Australia having a real bump in activity and membership, growing from around 12 to 36 members this year. 16 Members were voted to the Executive committee, which brings it to capacity, a big achievement!

After the meeting, there was a general open floor where people brought up issues they would like to cover during the year including:

  • Discussing and promoting a stance to not have 10-hour day as a standard in the Australian editing workplace, including job sharing, discussing with the ASIG group to see what other guild positions are on this.
  • Awareness of RSI due to the long working days. This can be debilitating, and last for years. carrying over job to job with Editors reluctant to tell employers for fear of missing a job. Also, you cannot blame a current employer for injury incurred on previous jobs. Solutions could be health in the workplace sessions, including bringing together Editors and health professionals to explore solutions.
  • The possibility of having joint MEAA events to understand more about the union, conditions and workplace rights.
  • Sessions with other guilds on superannuation awareness to help Editors have the knowledge and strength to ensure that legal obligations of employers are adhered to, particularly on smaller productions and documentary.
  • Develop a proforma MOU in order for passing on Guild position and a basic understanding of obligations.
  • Cross-guild sessions such as post-production facility visits with producers and directors to enable fruitful discussion on workable schedules and facilities' needs, to avoid pre-production “best guess” without consulting the post workers.
  • Raising the profile of Assistant Editors in the wider community to enable a greater understanding of how important they are. It is often overlooked is the importance of this as a highly technical job, that a lot of competent Editors can’t do.
  • Doing more to ensure gender equity

Of course we will continue to brainstorm State by State events and sessions that are important to Members and continue to ensure that Editors have a good chance to network and share information.

You can access the full AGM Report at the top of the page.

Fiona Strain ASE
President, Australian Screen Editors




to be held at

The Common Room
Camperdown Commons
31a Mallett Street, Camperdown

Wednesday  27th NOVEMBER, 2019 at 7:00pm


Confirmation of minutes of the last Annual General Meeting

Annual Report

Election of Executive Committee and office bearers

General business to be put to the floor

(If you are interstate or unable to attend we welcome any suggestions for discussion
in the area provided 
on the Proxy form)


The Annual General Meeting may be attended by all members, ex-members and non-members.
A quorum for the AGM is deemed to be 9 full members.

Only financial FULL members are entitled to stand for positions on the committee.

Only financial FULL members are entitled to vote on resolutions and in elections.

Members may vote in person or by proxy.  To vote by proxy,  the proxy form must be completed and signed by the member,  assigning his or her vote to another full member or committee member in attendance.

Proxy forms must be received by the Returning Officer at least five days before the date of the AGM, or presented by proxies at the meeting. – Click here for Proxy form


Call for nominations (You can nominate yourself) – Click here for Nomination form

Nominations are invited for the following positions on the Executive Committee:

- President

- Vice President

- Treasurer

- Secretary

- Up to 11 other Committee members

Nominations must be received in writing by 22nd November 2019

We need dynamic, self-motivated people to run this organisation.

The Executive Committee meets one evening a month in Sydney and is responsible for determining Australian Screen Editors Guild policy, organising events, training sessions, screenings etc.

Committee members are expected to make reasonable efforts to attend these meeting and to be available to participate in telephone and email discussions between meetings where required.

For more information please email Margaret Slarke at: