From eNews 90, February 2019

Over the years there has been some discussion regarding ASE Accreditation  - that it's too difficult to attain compared to other guilds … that it's only given to Editors reaching the end of their careers…

Gaining accreditation is not easy. It is not an award. It is a recognition of your strength as an Editor, one who has the ability to collaborate, strongly contribute to the storytelling, style and substance of the varied films you work on. It is also a recognition of your contribution to supporting other Editors, whether that be guiding and mentoring your Assistants, being involved in teaching, supporting the wider editing community, or simply displaying best practice.

We are firm in the belief that Accreditation should not be handed out lightly, it needs to be earned.  The ASE appreciates the effort involved to apply for Accreditation, and unsuccessful applicants are always given feedback from our judges (a panel comprising both Accredited and non-Accredited members).

Aspiring Accreditees don’t always receive their letters on the first attempt, and are absolutely encouraged to apply again, there is no prejudice or shame in having a go or two or three. And we don’t want that to be when you are ready to retire!

The Accreditation page on the website has this to say:


Australian Screen  Editors Guild Accreditation is a bit like an honorary degree. Henry Dangar ASE, the first president of the guild, described it thus:

"It is not given lightly.
It is given by editing peers and therefore has a high value attached to it.
It is an acknowledgement of a very strong body of work over a period of time.
It is an acknowledgement of  an Editor who has continued to pass on the craft of editing to those who want to learn.
It is an acknowledgement of an Editor who has continued to work actively in promoting the values of good editing and editing practices."


For an Editor to receive an ASE accreditation, it is a very high honour.

The list of our Accredited Members is available here. As you can see, most of our ASEs are still working, many in the prime of their careers. The eNews has added a Meet the ASE section so Members can find out more about our ASEs. This edition features Mark Perry ASE, who received Accreditation in 2017, and Jane St Vincent Welch ASE, who was in the "class of 2006". (Scroll upwards to the Meet the ASE Community section.)