Do you love to cut but hate to haggle?

Do you crumple like a cheap suit in a pay negotiation,
and don’t have a clue what other Editors are getting paid to do the same job?

Learn how to make the ASE’s new Rates and Conditions Guide work for you.

Professional negotiators, canny Editors and a friendly producer
share tips and tricks to attaining a decent pay rate and conditions.


The Panel
Monica Davidson - Producer / Creative Business Plus
Kelly Wood  - MEAA
Andrea Lang ASE - Editor


In the grand tradition of rabble rousing we are gathering in a pub to be OTR and blindingly honest.


The Top Floor - The Forresters  Hotel
Corner of Foveaux and Riley St - Surry Hills
Wednesday 18th April  6 - 10 pm

Good pub food available, and our own private bar!
Eat, drink and be bolshy.


Please RSVP  to office@screeneditors.com.au by 15th April. 

You snooze you lose - there’s limited seating.

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